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Is Polarity Fitness Worth it?

You often hear the word ‘chi’ in Chinese medicine. Similarly, many Indian traditions involving the relaxation of the body and mind circle around ‘prana.’ Fundamentally, they both are the same thing. Chi means life energy.

But, often, due to work pressures and stressful lifestyles, we end up creating an imbalance in our life energy. Polarity Therapy is the method of relaxing equilibrium of the full-body, introduced by Dr. Stone. 

Pain and disease are the results of an imbalance of energy flow in our bodies. Polarity Therapy takes western practices and eastern traditions to formulate an integrative healing system. You can read more about it at Fitness Equipment Reviews but it centers around four therapeutics that are exercise, diet, mental attitude, and physical treatments. 

Why is this fitness routine called Polarity?

According to Dr. Stone, energy must flow out away from the centers of concentration and then towards it. The back and forth movement is the consequence of opposite charges – positive and negative poles, also known as polarity. The process of attraction and repulsion are crucial as the energy must flow out and then back in again for there to be a balance in physical and mental well-being. 

If you’re thinking about the principles that influenced Dr. Stone, then you have to understand that there were a lot of practices that he studied to develop Polarity Therapy. There was a considerable influence of Osteopathy, Reflexology, Naturopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine as well as modern concepts from quantum physics. There even elements of esoteric therapy, chiropractic, and cranial osteopathy.

How is Polarity Therapy relevant today?

The need for restoration of health through the removal of energy blockages throughout the body is vital for the world we live in today. Thus, you’ll see individuals try Polarity Therapy for multiple reasons. 

Stress Management

There are areas of polarity therapy that focuses on poses and stretches that help relax the body and mind. Therefore, many people with intense anxiety work with polarity therapy to gain deep relief and greater ease of movement. 

Illness, Pain, and Injury

Many get interested in Polarity Therapy as it takes a holistic approach. It helps to heal, encouraging regenerative processes for injuries, and soothes away pain. And, as it is a more comprehensive practice, it promotes insight into one’s psyche for self-contentment.


Polarity practitioners don’t just work on the body to relieve pain. It’s part of the healing process to educate the patient with lifestyle changes that will improve the quality of your life and bring drastic positive changes to your overall well-being. Thus, you find most people coming in to educate themselves about their bodies and how to take care of themselves in a more holistic way.

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To conclude, if you’re pondering is Polarity Therapy worth it? Surely, you must realize that to generate positivity into one’s life, it’s crucial to work towards it. And, there isn’t an approach more healing and complete than Polarity Therapy.