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Infuse Your Pets Food & So Much More With Magical Butter ~ The Countertop Botanical Extractor! @SMGurusNetwork

Infuse Your Pets Food & So Much More With Magical Butter ~ The Countertop Botanical Extractor! @SMGurusNetwork

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I am super excited to share the newest culinary tool in my kitchen collection called the Magical Butter Countertop Botanical Extractor. This device is so cool and the perfect way to add pizazz to anything that you want to make. This unit is perfect for anyone that loves making infused oils used for cooking and to use as a delicious dipping sauce with rustic bread. It is perfect for infusing herbs into your butters which is just delicious when serving steaks and seafood plus so much more. My favorite thing is using it to infuse my pets food as I enjoy making their food whenever I can as it is so beneficial to their overall health. The Magical Butter Countertop Botanical Extractor is the perfect way to add pet friendly herbs such as rosemary, oregano and peppermint to their foods. We all know that a healthy diet is essential to your pet’s growth and fresh herbs provide abundant benefits such as antioxidants, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties, flavonoids, vitamins, etc. Herbs may also aid in reducing your pet’s bad breath, gas, nausea, body odor, digestive issues, arthritis symptoms and more. The same is true for us as well which is why I am loving the Magical Butter unit even more. I can use this to prepare things for my entire family including my furry family members and we all get to benefit form the delicious creations.

Check out this cool video which shows what MagicalButter can do:

The Magical Butter device is the world’s first countertop botanical extractor, designed for infusing the essence of healthy herbs into butter, oil, alcohol, lotions, and more! The Magical Butter Countertop Botanical Extractor provides an immersion blender with a programmable thermostat and heating unit so that you can create incredible recipes and botanical infusions with little or no labor. The Magical Butter machine grinds, heats, stirs, and steeps your herbal extract, all at the correct time intervals and temperature for a perfect infusion every time. As a result, you achieve your desired infusion easily, safely, and consistently. I love using this thing and I love making large batches so that there is plenty of delicious infused pet foods for my furry family members as well as plenty of delicious infused oil and butters for me to use in several of my recipes. You can also use this to infuse homemade lotions and more. This is a super cool culinary tool for the foodie in your life as they will most definitely appreciate all that this little machine can do beautifully.



The Magical Butter device comes with everything you need to get started and has a capacity of 2 to 5 cups of liquids. I love that you get a Love Glove, Purify Filter 190, a Magical Butter Cookbook with recipe ideas to get you started, an Owners Manual and a 110V power cord. The unit is quite compact with a width of 10 inches, a height of 14 inches and a depth of 10 inches. This is the perfect size for my kitchen and it stores easily in my cabinet.


● Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled program sequences
● Pitcher constructed of stainless steel
● Integrated digital thermostat & sensors bring laboratory-grade temperature controls to your kitchen for consistent results
● Makes 2-5 cups per cycle
● Self-cleaning!



So what do you think of the Magical Butter Countertop Botanical Extractor? What would you use it for? I know that I cannot wait to treat my family to a delicious homemade batch of Lasagna with a delicious salad, rustic bread and infused Italian Oils for dipping plus a homemade dressing using infused oils as well. I have already used it to create some delicious infused pet food for my dogs…. Chewey and Harley and they are loving it. Check Magical Butter out online at their website and on Amazon too to learn more!


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