Infographic Design Is Made Easy With DesignCap!

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I am so excited to share DesignCap with everyone that I know as they make Graphic Design a breeze so that everyone can do it! This platform is fabulous as it helps you to create beautiful graphic designs for your business, event, social media, and more. This is the perfect platform for me as they have everything that I need to create gorgeous designs such as templates, stock icons, stock photos and more all with unlimited modules. They have a free plan, a Basic Plan and a Plus Plan and I myself am using the DesignCap Plus plan as it provides me with unlimited templates, modules, stock icons, stock photos and more.

When I started blogging just about 6 years ago, I was new to it all and graphic design was something that I knew nothing about but was something that I wanted to learn to do myself. I know that good visuals are crucial to grabbing your readers attention and a platform that provides you with the tools to do just that is something that I knew I would love, which is why I decided to give DesignCap Plus a go. Their platform provides me with the tools I need to create graphics that are bold, beautiful and attention grabbing so that my social shares and blog posts grab my readers attention and ultimately provide me with the engagement I am looking for.

Let’s take a look at all that you can do with DesignCap Plus:

With DesignCap Plus you will enjoy amazing features to get you designing with ease! If I can do it…anyone can. 

*Unlimited Templates

DesignCap Plus provides its users with thousands of professionally designed templates that help you easily create infographics, presentations, posters, flyers, social media graphics, and so much more.

*Unlimited Stock Icons & Stock Photos

DesignCap Plus will level up your graphic design game with built-in fonts, shapes, and backgrounds, as well as a large library of stock photos and icons. Seriously… this is what I love most is all of the wonderful photos and icons that they have for you to use! It is loaded with options which I love as it allows me to create some amazing designs to use on my blog and social media.

*Unlimited Modules

DesignCap Plus provides its users with dozens of modules that visually combine images, icons, and text into a cohesive whole which makes visual design easier and faster. Seriously…if I can do this anyone can!

*Create Elegant Visual Charts

Plus so much more! With DesignCap Plus you also are able to create High-res PNG & PDF exports, 1,000+ Image Uploads, and you can save up to 1,000 designs. This is amazing for sure and I have used it to create a new Twitter & Facebook Header for the New Year. You can see some of the different creations I made using DesignCap below…. 

I ended up going with the first picture but will be working on new headers in a month or so. It is really fun and honestly… I am learning more and more with DesignCap that will open even more things for me in terms of creating some fabulous banners, headers and posts for both my blog and social media. The options are endless and I highly recommend this amazing platform to everyone that has a need for creating their own graphics and graphic designs.

So what do you think of DesignCap and their amazing graphic design platform? Are you like me and looking for a platform that will allow you to up your graphic design game? Well look no further than DesignCap! Check them out online and on social media today as they are the perfect graphic design tool to ensure amazing visuals and graphics that will grab your readers attention.

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