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How to Master the Competitive World of Online Bidding

Almost everything we do is online, so it is not a surprise when businesses choose to market themselves online. When people are looking to procure a service or product, they often start with an online search. If they cannot order it on there, then they run to physical retailers. But how do you ensure clients and customers notice you in an online world that is becoming increasingly crowded? For competitive marketplaces, online bidding is becoming increasingly common. People want to buy the best services from the best companies at the cheapest rate. The best way to do this is to have these companies bid for work. 

Familiarize Yourself with Online Bidding

If you want to get your bids chosen, or have the best bids, you have to familiarize yourself with how online bidding works. The first step is to get on the most popular bidding websites and look around. Try to see what features they offer, how to place bids, what types of bids they accept, and so on so you get a better sense before diving in. For each website, try to find out what people expect on that particular platform so you can provide exactly that.

Create a Profile

Once you understand how different platforms work, it is time to create a profile on each of those platforms. Remember to make your profile catchy and simple enough so people understand you and your business at a glance.

One of the best online job bidding tips a roofing company, or any other company for that matter, should follow is avoiding over-selling. Overselling what you can deliver tempts you into making promises for services you cannot deliver. Because most online bidding platforms let people leave reviews and ratings, if you do not deliver what you promised, your ratings will tank and that will hurt your ability to be accepted for jobs in the future. 

Check the Jobs

Once you have a detailed profile in place, it is time to check out the jobs. Take note of the scope of the jobs as well as the timelines. Assess what you will need for each job, as well as how many people you might need to complete the job. Then, you want to bid for jobs you can actually complete in the time frame set.

One thing to avoid is over-quoting. Although you still need to make a profit on the jobs you do, over-quoting does reduce your chances of being picked for a job because, sadly, many customers and clients on bidding sites often pick the company with the lowest bid.

If you are thinking of underbidding because of the previous statement, do not do it. One, you may find yourself receiving more offers than you can fulfill. Second, you might end up making a loss on a job if it does not pay enough to justify everything you need to get it done.


The world of online bidding is an aggressive one that has a huge upside; it has the ability to bring your business more work if you can keep delivering as expected. Once you made a few bids, you will have a better understanding of how it works going forward which will help you place better bids and therefore win more work.

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