bamboo bath products
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Luxury bath products: bamboo bath tray is a winner!

Would you like a little more luxury and comfort when bathing?

Who doesn’t know it? We sit in the bathtub and park our objects on the edge of the bathtub, and fear that our drink will tip over into the bathtub at any time.

Or the bathing utensils are out of reach, and we have to get out of the warm water. Not only can this be disruptive, but it can also affect recovery.

The tiny universal helpers for the bathtub are usually not only efficient but can also look chic. Find out what you should pay attention to in the guide below. But we’ll start with a brief overview so that you can get a good picture:

*What should be considered when buying and testing?

*Do they need a bridge over the tub or some other kind?

*Which material appeals to you the most and is easy to care for?

*What type of storage compartments do you definitely need?

*Should there be a smartphone or tablet holder?

*Do I need a drinking glass holder?

What is a bathtub shelf or bath tray?

A bath tray is visually a bridge that is placed over the bathtub. There is a place to store a wide variety of utensils at different depths. 

Picture: bamboo bath tray

Care products, glasses, snacks, or even books will find a water-protected place here while sitting comfortably in the bathtub. 

Since the bathroom is a very humid room, not every material is suitable. The material used must tolerate moisture well, so the bath bridges are made of the following materials:

*Wooden bamboo, olive wood, oak, and ash


*Chromed iron

*Both materials have a low swelling behavior and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

How is the bath tray attached?

There are three different variants for attachment.

*As a bridge to place on the edge of the bathtub

*For side hanging

*Stuck at the edge

The hanging-up variant is the simplest, but it’s not really fixed. It really just lies on top. This means that it can also be easily moved, making it easier to get in and out of the tub.

The bath caddy trays  for hanging are pushed sideways onto the edge. They are also available in shorter versions and are often used to store care products. This variant is efficient, especially if the bathtub’s edge does not offer any space for shampoo and the like.

These models can also be easily moved. Variant three is less common and just sits firmly on edge. The place should be chosen wisely here since this shelf cannot be moved so quickly.

Here we show you the different options for the bathtub tables and bathtub shelves. What can you best use in your bathtub?

From the bath bridge, there is the most extensive selection. Whether made of bamboo, plastic, or chrome-plated iron, all three materials are available in many different versions.

The design is very different, as are the functions. Everything is available, from a straightforward procedure as a board to an integrated bookend, glass holder, and tablet holder. There are even recesses for tea lights, for a romantic bath for two. While some have the standard bathtub width as a fixed length, others are variable. They can be extended to more than one meter and are therefore also suitable for family baths or corner baths.