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Shield & Protect Your Skin Naturally With Skin MD

I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest in skin care products as it is an ever evolving industry that is pumping out products with the newest in ingredients and results. The health of your skin is of the super important when it comes to your overall physical wellbeing and of course your appearance. Think about it….your skin is the largest organ of your body and it has built in protection such as natural oils and moisture that combine with the top layer of your skin to create a protective barrier. This protective barrier is slowly stripped away as we expose it to environmental factors like water, harsh ingredients and chemicals, pollutants, toxins, and even the sun. This is why it is so important to find skincare that helps to combat these environmental factors and which is why I jumped at the chance to work with Skin MD to try their Shielding Lotion.

Skin MD’s Shielding Lotion™ is an entirely new approach to skin care as it is created using only super-premium quality ingredients and natural plant extracts that makes the formula of their Shielding Lotion unlike anything else on the market. It is perfect for all skin types…even sensitive skin types and anyone suffering with Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, and Rosacea. The formula is made free of fragrances, colorants, parabens, toxic ingredients or gluten to ensure it is perfect for everyone. I received Skin MD’s traditional Shielding Lotion for Face & Body and their Shielding Lotion With SPF 15 to try so let’s take a look at each of them……  

Skin MD Shielding Lotion For Face & Body

Skin MD’s Shielding Lotion for Face & Body is a must have for everyone. Seriously… this product will heal sensitive skin, breakouts, acne and rosacea   using a unique formula created as an advanced protective shield for you face and skin. It shields you from harmful irritants like chemicals, cosmetics, environmental factors including UV and it helps to enhance your skin’s natural healing power.

Benefits of Skin MD’s Shielding Lotion:

*Anti-Aging Formula: This light formula is in no way shape or form…greasy. It glides on and your skin absorbs it instantly to moisturize and revitalize your skin with a light formulation that includes aloe vera, vitamin E, arnica, chamomile, and other botanicals.

*Dermatology Tested & Prescribed: Skin MD’s Shielding Lotion is put through Independent Clinical Studies that have proven this vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free and colorant-free formula to be not only hypoallergenic but 6 times more hydrating!

*Natural & Top Rated: Skin MD’s Shielding Lotion promotes healthy skin by calming and protecting sensitive skin types probe to acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. This proprietary formula recommended by hundreds of dermatologists, is non-comedogenic and each and every ingredient is on the FD’s most safe list. This is something that is hugely important to me as I care what goes onto my kin as it is absorbed baby the body.

*Advanced Skin Hydration: Skin MD’s products are made in the USA which is huge for me too and the ingredients within are 6 times more hydrating than what is considered to be the standard for skin hydration. This product is rapidly absorbed by the skin and I love that I can wear this under my makeup.

*Ideal Delivery System: Skin MD’s airless pump bottle maintains freshness and dispenses the exact amount needed each time you use it. I also love that this bottle eliminates the possibility of bacteria and other contaminates getting into the product itself and which also helps to extend shelf life.

Skin MD Shielding Lotion With SPF15

This is the same benefits you find in the Shielding Lotion above but with the added benefit of SPF 15! Perfect for ensuring that protective barrier that your skin screams for with the added addition of SPF to protect even more from the suns harmful UV rays.

Benefits of Skin MD’s Shielding Lotion With SPF15

*Dermatologist Tested & Used: This is the number one doctor recommended natural shielding lotion for people with chronic skin conditions and it is especially suitable for people who suffer from psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, diabetes, rosacea and frequent dry skin like myself.

*Protection From Irritants, Allergens & Weather: Protects the skin from the drying and damaging effects of direct sunlight, sever weather and harsh workplace environments. It acts as a shield and shields the skin from chemical residue and contact allergens.

*Naturally Skin Friendly: I love that this shielding lotion contains SPF 15 for daily use as well as six rejuvenating botanicals which are organic, hypoallergenic, non0comedogenic, fragrance-free and colorant-free. As with the traditional Skin MD Shielding Lotion…. every ingredient used in this product is on the FDA’s most safe list.

*Advanced Skin Hydration: This is far more effective than conventional moisturizers at strengthening the skins natural protective barrier. It is amazing at preventing the sun and environment form damaging the skin and robbing it of its moisture.

*Natural Moisturizer With SPF 15: This is a must have for anyone looking for dded daily sun protection and is perfect for suing under your makeup for work and when playing outdoors. This is not recommended for long term sun exposure.

So what do you thing of Skin MD and their fabulous line of Shielding Lotions? Are you like me and looking for the latest and greatest products to help combat dry skin especially with winter right around the corner? Wee Skin MD’s Shielding Loitons are where its at with the hydration that is 6 times more than the standard! Check out Skin MD today at their website and on social media and Amazon! SkinMD is great skin care as an affordable price!

Deliciously Savvy received product and/or compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links and I may make ams all commission used to support this blog, at no cost to you if the product is ordered via the links in this post. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

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