How to keep your kitchen clean
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How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean 

Cooking is an activity that so many of us enjoy. Not only is it a sociable pastime, but the fun of watching someone enjoy something you have produced is really special. 

Keep Your Cooking Safe 

When it comes to cooking for other people, though, there’s always the worry about keeping everyone safe, and, by extension, keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic for cooking. 

That’s why these 8 handy tips are useful for every kitchen, not just one! 

1. Read Your labels! 

Try to stick to products that have been produced by the same company that you have purchased from before, as this will mean you can trust the quality and hygiene of those products. This also means that if you’re looking to buy a replacement product, this company may still be trusted within your community (and even online). 

2. Use The Right Chopping Boards 

Are you someone who just uses any old chopping board? Stop doing that right now! 

In order to have safe and hygienic chopping boards, you need to be using the right colors; red for meat, green for veg, and so on. 

If you keep to the correct color chopping board for what you’re preparing, you’ll drastically minimize the risk of cross-contamination and food poisoning coming from your kitchen. 

3. Keep Your Vegetable Peelings Together 

When you’re chopping a salad, make sure not to leave a huge mess everywhere. Instead of leaving the counter full of chopped veggies, try to keep them in one pile or basket. This will make sure they do not get lost and spread to other places in the kitchen. 

4. Throw Away (Or Compost) Food Scraps 

If you’re cleaning up the kitchen after cooking, make sure to throw away all cooked food scraps. This may seem obvious, but even if you throw away the food that’s been dumped into the bin, there’s still a risk of cross-contamination through your hands or clothes. 

Ensure that all food scraps go in the trash can or compost bin and that you wash your hands straight after. 

5. Do Not Wash Dishes With Your Hands! 

This is another no-brainer, but it’s so simple to not have to remember it! Always be sure to clean all your dishes with rubber gloves on or opt for using an electric dishwasher instead of doing it by hand. 

6. Wipe Down The Kitchen Walls 

The kitchen needs to stay clean and hygienic. Doing this will ensure that any dirt on the walls doesn’t get swept into the rest of the kitchen and affect other people’s food (and health). Take a quick wipe with a wet rag or mop around both your walls and the worktop then wipe again before you start cooking. 

7. Wash Hands Before Preparing Food For Others 

If you’ve been preparing food for another person, wash your hands before serving them. This is to prevent any contamination from your hands from spreading into their food. 

8. Clean And Wash Your Cutting Boards And Utensils 

If you’ve been preparing food for another person, clean and wash your chopping boards and utensils after use; this will help to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic and not cause any confusion or worries. 

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