How to make your Garden Dog-Friendly
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How to Make Your Garden Dog-Friendly

When you spend a lot of time in your garden or work hard to create a beautiful escape in your backyard, you must find a balance between your space, and a space for your dog. You don’t want to compromise on your hard work, but your dog will also need a place to play. Fortunately, there are many, cost-effective things that you can do to keep your space tidy, and dog-friendly. Here are just a few to help you get inspired. 

A spot of shade for the summer 

A dog will need a spot where it can lay in the summer when it gets a little too hot. This spot needs to be out of the sun. If you don’t already have a spot they can cool off in the shade, then there are plenty of options. Firstly, you opt for a kennel. Alternatively, if you prefer something more stylish, you can opt for a pergola wrapped with flowers, or a beautiful fruit tree. Both are great options that maintain beauty while being practical. They can also benefit your other plants that need to stay out of direct sunlight. 

Separate area for dogs 

Instead of compromising on your garden, you could create a dedicated space for your dog to use. This means you can keep the rest of the garden just as you like it, and your dog can keep their toys in their own space. You can include a water bowl, a small hut for shade, and a hidden dog fence to keep them within their area. 


Not the most eye-catching addition to your garden, but an important one if you find that your dog likes to dig up your flower beds. A sandpit is not only for children to play in, but is a great way for keen diggers to get stuck into. This means that they have their toy to play with, while you can maintain your garden how you like it. This way everyone wins! 

Dog-friendly plants 

If you don’t mind adding some extra plants into your garden, why not choose some that you can plant on a low level to keep your dog interested. You could plant some herbs that immerse their senses, or even some dog-friendly refreshing fruits that they can treat themselves with during the summer months. 

Outdoor shower

An outdoor shower is a great idea for dogs who like to get muddy in the garden, or even on their daily walks! This means that once they have had their fun and games, you can rinse them off quickly and easily, without dragging any mess into your home. 

Making a dog-friendly garden is a great way to keep them busy, immerse their senses and give your dog a better life. It is also important to consider the things you should avoid in your garden, for example, poisonous plants (make sure you research first as you may be surprised), fertilizers that are filled with chemicals, and sharp garden tools. You will also want to ensure that your garden perimeter is secure.

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