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How To Keep Your Dogs Happy – 4 Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Paws, Tail, and Tongue Wagging

Dogs are pack animals. They love being part of a family unit and thrive when they have a place in it. Aside from the benefits of having a pet, keeping your dog happy is also easier than you think and can have plenty of hidden benefits for you and your pup. Keeping your dog happy doesn’t require endless amounts of time or money, but it does need you to take some steps to achieve the desired results. To keep your puppy content, here are 4 ways to ensure their pups stay happy and healthy.

Feed Them A Healthy, Nutritious Diet

Diet is an essential factor when it comes to keeping your dog happy. Dogs are carnivores and need a high-quality diet to help them remain in total health. You can feed your dog a completely raw food diet or buy commercial-designed food with the proper nutrients, whether wet dog food or dry kibble. Keep an eye out for the nutritional information and ingredients and choose a food with a higher meat content and fewer allergens such as dairy, grains, soy, rice, and other filler foods. This can help to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Focus on Breed Fulfillment

Breed fulfillment is letting your dog do what they were made to do. All breeds will have different breed fulfillment requirements, which can vary greatly. For example, beagles are excellent sniffer dogs so letting them use their nose when out on walks or in play can help them stay happy and content. Or if you have a border collie, they are working dogs and need a job to do. It would help if you kept them stimulated with games and activities to help them direct that energy and avoid becoming stressed and neurotic.

Mental Stimulation Is Important

While dogs need physical stimulation daily, mental stimulation is just as important. Anything they can lick or chew is excellent, and the licking and chewing actions can help calm their nervous system and keep their mind sharp. Some great tips are to use slow feeders, lick mats, and food toys to make your dog work for what they want. Other tricks include hiding treats in objects (cardboard boxes work great) or even basic training performed daily.

Learn Correct Dog Socializing Techniques

Not all dogs need to be social animals and enjoy playing with other dogs. But they do need to learn to be social in the correct manner, and this is helping your dog to become neutral around other dogs and people. Teach them to co-exist calmy in the same space and greet other dogs appropriately without excessive force or enthusiasm. Working with trainers or using doggy day care can support this training. Use reputable providers such as Pixee’s Paws Pet Palace to be confident your dog is encouraged to carry out appropriate behaviors in a happy and living environment.


There are many ways you can keep your dog happy. Simply loving them is a great start. But to take things further, you must ensure ongoing and complete training and support tailored to your dog to help them get the most from their life with you.

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