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How to Decorate a Fish Tank: What You Should Know about Aquarium Decorations

Before you get down to the decoration part, read more about caring for the aquarium and arranging it correctly. First, you should understand that we are dealing with an entire ecosystem displayed in minimalist dimensions. We are also interested in the design side of the issue, so we need to approach it from different angles.

Type of Aquarium 

There are two main types: sea and river.  It influences the choice of inhabitants, plants, decorations, and even water. Consider – to make a sea aquarium, you will need seawater. The complexity of the content of such a system lies in the complexity of its filling. Finding seawater in a regular shop is not easy, and the sea is not always nearby. For this reason, such systems are not widespread, but they still exist. There are many saltwater fish that are suitable for home life. But decide if you want to put in so much effort. 

The Aquarium Shape 

This factor influences to a large extent the choice of the form of composition and design in general. From the school physics course, we know that glass can distort an image. And the more the glass is curved, the more deformation is obtained. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the bowl’s shape and look at the decorations from different angles. 

When choosing an aquarium design, it is necessary to take into account the style of the room. The most popular are rectangular bowls. They are easy to clean, install, decorate, and mount equipment. Besides, they have a lower price than other varieties. This aquarium almost does not distort the image, so you can safely select any type of composition. Square aquariums have similar characteristics. However, a slight distortion occurs due to the bowl’s identical edges, so a rectangular even structure of the design will not work in this case. 

Aquariums with a convex front glass are called panoramic and have a spectacular view. A small round aquarium will perfectly blend on a bedside table near a sofa or bed. It would help if you were careful with round shapes. In general, they are not popular as they are challenging to clean and decorate. They are also small in size.

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Form of composition 

Now directly on the issue of creating construction. There are four main types of composition, the differences of which affect their compatibility with the aquarium’s shape:

● Convex

It has larger and smaller items in the composition. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that large elements are exhibited in the center or at the back wall. Moreover, several large elements are used here, which will be on the same level. The objects are then arranged to decrease the size, building the center’s composition to the front wall. 

● Concave

The location principle is the opposite of the previous one. Volumetric elements are placed along the periphery, the size of the next gradually decreases towards the center. In this case, make sure that the decorations do not overlap. 

● Triangular

The location principle is similar to the first option. In this case, you need to find the highest point and create a structure from it. So, pick the tallest piece and place it anywhere. Then, gradually decreasing the size of the decorations, bring them to another point.

 ● Rectangular

Not as easy as it sounds. In this case, the entire space is filled with elements of the same size. The difficulty lies in selecting components and arrangement of the structure so that all the details are visible from different points of view.

What you need to know about Aquarium Decorations 

The most common decoration is the barrier reef. It can be both natural and artificial. The latter is more common, as it is easier to care for and organize. You need to purchase such a decoration and install it along the back wall of the aquarium. The river-style gives more space for creativity, is easy to maintain and organize. Here you can use rainwater or distilled water. 

Once again, we are dealing with a living ecosystem. Therefore, you need to treat it with accuracy, respect, and love. Now about the decorations. The first rule is not harming. You try not only to create a good design but also to take care of the inhabitants. As this research notes, decorations should not harm the fish and create inconvenience.

Important! Do not use toxic substances for decoration. Some categories of plastics, polyethylene, also some paints are toxic. Oddly enough, but the fish should also be comfortable. If the scenery prevents them from reaching the ground or restricts movement, part of the composition should be removed or changed entirely. So comfort and safety are the basic rules for decorating an aquarium.

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Natural Decorations 

If you think about the best way to decorate your aquarium, feel free to choose natural decor. This option is considered the most acceptable among connoisseurs and professionals.

Natural decor includes various aquatic plants, including algae, roots, driftwood, natural stones – everything that can be found in the natural world.

Algae is often used and is the best option. They add live greenery to the reservoir, helping generate oxygen, which fish need to live. If you want to imitate river algae, choose elodea, hornwort, myriophyllum. They have soft stems and leaves, grow rapidly, and create a powerful green array.

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Important! Before planting aquatic plants, be sure to read the instructions and create the necessary conditions. An excellent aquarium inhabitant is spherical cladophora. It grows in a small lump that looks like a sphere. It can be used differently: spread on the ground as a rug cutting it in half. An original idea would be to plant a cladophora on a snag in such a way as to make the image of a tropical tree. This green friend is useful for fish since many microorganisms that are food are hiding between its leaves.

Mosses are perfect for decoration. They can cover the bottom with a solid carpet, sit on snags or float freely, creating flying islands. 

In addition to algae and moss, other plants with a stronger root system will also create living beauty. We advise you to purchase anubias. It has strong roots and rather tough leaves. Well suited for systems with fish digging between roots. Some kind of sprawling bush with long narrow leaves would be an excellent option. Another red inhabitant of the home reservoir in the bowl is the rotala indica. Its colonies create a stunning effect on the sea or river bottom.

Many of these plants are in bloom. However, it is worth mentioning a few more categories of aquarium plants that can throw out color and add incredible beauty to an installation. These include hydrotriche hottoniiflora, limnophila hippuridoides, nymphoides. During flowering, they have beautiful inflorescences. And outside this period, they make up the green part of the composition. Of course, this list is headed by nymphea. Outwardly, it looks like a water lily, and it comes in different colors. It grows, floating on the surface of the water, so be sure to create the conditions necessary for its life.

Stones go well. Choose the pebbles you like that come under your feet in everyday life, wash them, boil them, and you can use them as decor.

Artificial Decorations 

In some circles, artificial decorations are considered bad manners, but they are still used. These include various castles, shells, pebbles. When choosing decor made from unnatural materials, remember that they can decompose in water, creating an unfavorable atmosphere for fish. This should not be allowed. Choose only safe options.

The most suitable and common option is ceramic or clay. Parts made of this material have a pleasant reddish or yellowish tint and will last a long time. Artificial stone can be a good option. Castles, barrier reefs, fish houses are made from it. This is a safe option and can be used alongside the natural option during design.

As you can see, decorating the aquarium with your own hands is not at all difficult. The main thing is to know the laws of this ecosystem and the rules for building a composition. Approach this business with love, care, and curiosity. The underwater world keeps many secrets and embellishments. Fall in love with it, and it will open to you!

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