Stocking Your Aquarium? Here Are 5 of the Most Popular Freshwater Fish

If you’re considering an aquarium, you should start thinking about the type of fish to put in it. Discover here seven of the coolest freshwater aquarium fish.

Did you know that owning an aquarium has health benefits?

Not only can it improve your mood, but it can also lower your blood pressure and heartbeat. Aquariums are soothing and relaxing, not to mention make a neat addition to your home or office. 

If you’d like to get started with your own aquarium but aren’t sure what kind of fish to choose, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 of the coolest freshwater aquarium fish to consider for your tank.

1. Guppies

Guppies are extremely popular for aquariums because they are low maintenance and breed easily.

Both the males and females have larger anal fins, making them a pretty addition to your aquarium. 

If you want them to breed, you just need to keep the male and female together in the same tank. Females usually spawn 60 juveniles at a time and the juveniles are live-bearing, meaning they can easily swim and live on their own after birth. 

2. Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf gouramis can often be seen close to the water surface to get more air.

They are very peaceful and easily live with other fish in your tank. It’s another one, like the guppy, that doesn’t require a lot of attention. 

They are also very bright, adding color to your tank.  

3. Neon Tetras

Another easy to care for fish is the neon tetra.

They like to be kept in groups and are very peaceful. They’re a great addition to a smaller tank and add lots of color, as they are bright and have an iridescent blue stripe across their bodies. 

Neon tetras like to eat brine, shrimp, worms, insects, and plants, so keep that in mind as you are feeding your fish.

4. Oscars

Did you know that Oscars are intelligent and can actually be taught to do tricks?

While they are entertaining, they’re not community fish, so if you want to add them to an aquarium, make sure they are the only fish. 

They also get very large, very quickly, so make your tank is big enough, like this acrylic fish tank. While they are smart and can do tricks for you, they do require a lot of work, so you’ll earn those tricks! 

They require a lot more maintenance than other fish, due to their carnivorous nature and the amount of waste they create. Keep your Oscars in pairs or in groups of five or more. 

5. Goldfish

The traditional goldfish might not seem like the most exciting fish in your tank, but they come in many different colors and sizes, are versatile (a great addition if you have an unheated tank), and don’t require a ton of maintenance. 

Goldfish are an easy and inexpensive addition to your tank, so don’t overlook them! 

The Coolest Freshwater Aquarium Fish for Your New Aquarium 

If you want a hobby that is relaxing and has health benefits, creating and stocking an aquarium is a great choice!

Plus, it’s a great focal point for friends and family visiting your home. 

Use this list of the coolest freshwater aquarium fish to get started on stocking your tank! And for more on pets, check out some of our other posts. 

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  • Shannon Holmes

    I used to have fish tanks with my first husband and they were cichlids, they were fun and relaxing to have.

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