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How to Deal with Old Running Injuries

Running injuries can be frustrating and discouraging, especially for runners who are passionate about their sport. However, with proper care and attention, many running injuries can be overcome and prevent future occurrences. Here are some tips for overcoming a running injury:

1.Identify the injury: Understanding the type of injury you have and its cause is the first step in developing an effective recovery plan. Visit a doctor or physical therapist for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

2. Rest and ice: Give your body time to heal by taking a break from running and applying ice to the affected area. This will help reduce swelling and pain according to Orthotic Shop.

3. Stretching and strengthening exercises: Focus on maintaining strength and flexibility in the affected area and surrounding muscles. Work with your physical therapist to develop an appropriate exercise plan.

4. Gradual return to running: Avoid jumping back into your normal routine too soon, as this can cause further damage. Gradually build up your mileage and intensity over time, and listen to your body to avoid re-injury.

5. Pre-hab and injury prevention: Incorporating pre-hab exercises and injury prevention techniques into your training routine can help reduce the risk of future injuries.

6. Seek professional help: If your injury is not improving, or if you are having trouble with your recovery, seek the help of a sports medicine doctor or physical therapist.

Remember, taking the time to properly care for a running injury can not only help you recover, but also reduce the risk of future occurrences. Stay patient and stay committed to your recovery plan, and you’ll be back to running in no time!

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