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Cool Dog Tricks to Teach Your Canine Companion 

Did you know that there are dogs in 48 million households in America? 

For many people worldwide, owning a dog is fun and fulfilling. Dogs have exciting personalities and get along well with many people. But one of the best parts of having a dog is showing off its tricks! 

Are you wondering how to teach your cool dog tricks? If you’ve already caught your dog doing incredible things, maybe you should reward them well! 

Keep on reading to learn more about dog tricks. 

Shake Hands 

Start by having your pup sit upright, then place your open hand in front of them. Slightly move the needle back and forth while saying the command “shake!” When your pup sniffs your finger (or even mouths it), use your other hand to give them a treat as a reward. 

With consistent practice, your pup will learn to lift its paw as soon as you say, “shake!” If your puppy isn’t responding, nudge its foot with your hand and then offer a treat. This can be a fun activity for you and your dog to work on together, plus it’s a great way to bond. 

Sit Pretty 

This is a fun and simple trick for your pup to learn. First, you will want to get your puppy in the sitting position and say the command phrase, “sit pretty.” Then, place one hand on the dog’s back, behind the ears, and gently press. 

When training a dog, move your other hand up its chin and the other to its forehead. Using the hand under their chin, gently lift your pup’s head upwards while at the same time using your other hand to press down on their head. 

Once your dog is comfortable with sitting, you can increase the time they are in that position and add verbal and visual cues. If they get it, reward them with lots of praise and treats! As soon as your pup’s front paws lift off the ground, release the reward. 

Go Around an Object 

Choose an object – like a low chair or trash can – that your pup can comfortably go around. With your dog on a leash and treats in hand, approach the object and, with a guide word like “Around!” holding the joy in the back of the thing, encourage your pup to snake around the item. 

Show them the treat and their reward only if they complete the trick. Take your time with this one, as most pups want to go up and over or jump over the object. 

Catch a Treat 

All you will need is a high-value treat, patience, and repetition. Start by getting your dog’s attention with the joy held in your hand, and then start tossing it up in the air. As your pup catches the joy, offer lots of verbal praise and give them additional pleasure. 

Be sure to increase the height over time. If your pup gets the treat but drops it, don’t give them anything until they consume it. 

You may also look for a local dog trainer if you are considering puppy training. Their expertise can ensure fast results. 

Be Patient in Teaching Dog Tricks 

Teaching your dog tricks is an enjoyable activity you can participate in. Cool dog tricks can help to strengthen the bond between you and your canine companion and can be very entertaining. Start increasing your dog’s skills today and impress your friends and family with your pup’s tricks. 

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