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How To Celebrate Your Dogs Birthday

Dogs are just as much part of the family as everyone else, and they deserve their special day too! You might now know the exact date your pup was born, but you can celebrate the day they arrived at their forever home with you. 

They might not know why they are being celebrated but don’t worry – they will have plenty of fun, and all of those treats too!


Everyone loves a little bit of retail therapy. If you have some pet-friendly pet stores nearby and your puppy is great with other people and animals, it’s time to go shopping. 

Let your furry friend pick out a few fun toys from the dog toy section. 

This can be a lot of fun for both you and your dog. Of course, the first thing you’ll want to do straight after is head to the park to play!


Just like people, some dogs don’t mind being dressed up in cute dog outfits for the day, while others are so big they’re better off with a dapper bow tie dog collar

If you are feeling fancy, then you can even choose to wear something that matches your dog for the day. 

A New Walk

If you and your pooch always take the same walk, then switch it up a little bit for their birthday. Choose a longer walk or some with more of their favorite type of walk. 

Do they love mud, but you usually skip it? Today might be the day for them to be able to get a little muddy in their favorite spot! 

Take along all of those new toys, and have a blast on your new walking trail. 

Cake and Treats

On a typical human birthday, you can expect lots of tasty treats like birthday cake, sweeties, and other sugar-laden options. 

No matter how much you love your dog, they shouldn’t be having those, but luckily there are plenty of different options designed specifically for doggies. 

If you don’t want to purchase a store mix for dog safe cake, you can create your own dog-friendly cake built out of their favorite types of meat and gravy bones. 

There are also plenty of brilliant dog-safe birthday treat ideas on Pinterest that can help you create something that is packed with healthy and tasty ingredients. 

Dog movies

If you often spend hours in the evening cuddled up with your dog on the couch, then choose some of the best dog movies of all time. Here are some great options: 

*Homeward Bound


*Marley & Me

*A Dog’s Purpose




We know that celebrating a dog’s birthday is more for the loving family than it is for the dog themselves; it can be a lovely reminder of how wonderful it is to have them around. A day filled with a bit of extra in terms of walkies, some new toys, and an exciting (and delicious) dog cake too. 
We are always looking for ways to ensure we are doing the best for our pets; if that sounds like you, here is a helpful guide that can help you nail it: Top Tips For Taking Care of Your Pets ~.

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  • Lauryn R

    These are great ideas for how to celebrate your dog’s Birthday! I love making mine feel extra special and so do my kids.

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