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How To Add Friends On S Health?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we live a certain aspect of our lives on the digital landscape in the 21st century. We use our phones to keep track of appointments, hold meetings, and to keep a count of our daily calorie intake and with resources such as Weight Loss, Fitness & Health it’s easy to see why. 

Samsung Health is one of the more famous apps people utilize to stay on top of their fitness game. It’s armed to the teeth with features – for beginners and pros. And, it’s gaining quick popularity because everyone can download the Samsung Health app – not just individuals with Samsung phones. 

Remarkable Features Of Samsung Health

Samsung Health is so much more than a calorie-counting app. It can help keep monitor your heart rate, weight, spent calories, steps, caffeine intake, blood glucose, stress levels, and so much more. 

But, what’s boosted Samsung Health’s meteoric rise among health apps, is its ‘together’ page. The together page allows a user to compare their data with everyone else on their list – which makes for an excellent motivator if nothing else. 

How To Use The Together Feature

Generally, people like to exercise in a group because there’s little chance of you giving up a routine halfway. Not to mention, a lot of folks also find exercising on their own boring. 

Samsung Health, with its Together feature, allows people to exercise with friends – which keeps things interesting and boosts energy levels. And, if your friends aren’t exactly at par with your level of fitness, the Together feature also allows you to join global workout contests and challenges. 

However, before you can start having fun with your friends, gym buddies, or across the globe exercise pals – you need to set up the Together feature.

To do this, open the Samsung Health app on your phone, and hit the ‘Together’ tab. Hit the start button, and grant all the permissions. The feature will take care of itself after that. Once the setup is complete, you can search for your friends via the ‘friends’ page and add them one by one. 

If you want to add friends who do use the app, then head over to the Together tab, click on friends, and choose your preferred method of adding a friend. 

You can opt to add a friend via ID, Recommended, or QR code. The QR code helps you add a friend by scanning their Samsung Health QR code. Whereas, the recommended method shows you all the friends that are using the Samsung Health app. Finally, the ID method helps you find friends based on the Samsung account. 

After you’ve chosen your method to add a friend, it’s just a matter of following the screen prompts to get the job done. 

The process of inviting a friend who doesn’t have the Samsung Health app on their phone may take a little longer. That’s mostly because you’ll be required to send your friend a link to download the app (via text or social media) and wait for them to accept the invitation. 

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