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How Safe are Automatic Litter Boxes?

We all want the best for our cats, which is why safety is always an important factor. So when it comes to an automatic litter box your skepticism is warranted. Let’s weigh in on some of the pros and cons of the safety features for automatic litter boxes and help put that mind at ease before leaping into the world of cat tech.

Here we’ll discuss some of the top of line safety features of the best automatic litter boxes. Drawing some comparisons between rotating devices, raking systems, and flushable systems will give you the tools you need to make a well-informed decision for you and your fur family.

ChillX AutoEgg

The AutoEgg is a horizontal raking system designed for a slow and steady clean to prevent any potential mishaps or injuries. Using an optimized motor the unit will gently sift through the litter bed to rake out clumped particles and trap them in a separate waste compartment.

Being a highly efficient machine the AutoEgg is well equipped with the ChillX cat-stuck prevention feature. Using 4 accurate sensors the AutoEgg will automatically pause the cleaning process if it detects any sudden movement in or around the unit.

Although this feature doesn’t quite fall within a safety protocol, the built-in health log and alert system is certainly a safe way to keep track of your cat’s health and monitor abnormalities in their bathroom trips. Using a touch screen system the health log can track your cat’s weight, date/time of usage, duration of usage, and the weight of their waste.

For bathroom trips that seem abnormal, the system will flag them in red and alert the owner.


*Cat-stuck prevention sensors.

*Health tracking.

*Slow-moving horizontal raking system.


*Cleaning can take longer than other units.

*Not compatible with WiFi.


The Litter-Robot is one of the most popular automatic litter boxes on the market today! As a long-standing company with a rock-solid reputation in the automatic litter box space, the Litter Robot is the no nonsense unit with every feature you can imagine. 

Different from the horizontal raking system this device uses a more robust approach. The rotating mechanism uses a tilted globe to initiate a series of rotations to separate clean litter from clumped litter. After a full cycle, the unsoiled litter is then returned to the litter bed of the unit ready for the next bathroom trip.

While highly effective in separating and trapping waste the system does move at a much faster pace compared to the horizontal raking system.  

The Litter Robot is of course fully equipped with built-in sensors to help detect the presence of your cat re-entering during a cycle. Once the Litter Robot has sensed a shift in movement/weight the cleaning process will automatically pause until the unit is empty.

Similar to the AutoEgg the Litter Robot comes with a built-in tracking system that can help monitor bathroom metrics and get this, it even connects to WiFi! You can fully track and even initiate a cleaning with the Litter Robot right from your phone.


*Highly accurate sensors to detect your cat.

*Robust cleaning system.

*WiFi compatible tracking.



PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box

Similar to the ChillX model, the ScoopFree uses a horizontal raking system to run it’s cleaning cycle. As mentioned, this method tends to offer a slower and safer approach to cleaning out the litter bed. 

Using highly absorbent crystal litter trays the ScoopFree holds the upper hand in terms of offering a sanitary and odor-controlled option whereas with the AutoEgg and the Litter Robot you can only use hard-clumping clay litters (Not a terrible choice, especially in terms of saving you money).

While not as high-tech as the AutoEgg or the Litter Robot the ScoopFree brings things back to basics and functions sensibly and consistently to get the job done in the safest way possible.

With a built-in sensory system to pause the process if the unit detects your cat’s presence, the PetSafe model is a solid option for something simple and safe without the bells and whistles.


*Simple sensory system to detect your cat.

*20-minute delay to make sure the coast is clear. 

*Slow-moving horizontal rake

*Highly absorbent litter trays.


*120V input requires a higher voltage than other models and can pose an electrical risk.

*Metallic rake (although slow-moving) can be a little sharp to the touch.


The CatGenie connects to a cold water line system and works to collect soiled litter and run it through a flushable cleaning system that thoroughly washes the granules and then dries them for the next use.

While this unit works more practically and relies on timers rather than sensors the CatGenie is an all-around automatic litter box with a safe track record.

With an open-air top you’ll be able to see exactly how your cat uses the unit and keep an eye out for any potential risks.

While it’s not as high-tech as some of its competitor products with touch screens and WiFi compatibility, the CatGenie is a simple system with an effective and sanitary method to keep your cat’s litter looking brand new every hour.


*Reusable litter granules that get fully sanitized.

*Timed cleanings.


*Granules can go down your drain and cause plumbing issues.

*No health tracking or sensory system.

Our Thoughts? 

Overall, every automatic litter box comes well built with a variety of safety features designed to keep your cat comfortable and protected. Doing your due diligence in investigating the varying features each unit offers is a fun part of the process!

Making sure to select the best fit for your cat is always a heavy decision. But committing to a unit that offers the best safety without compromising its cleaning capabilities is an effort well spent and your cat will thank you!

By Gail Sterling

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