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How Instagram Can Help You Find A Job

You may use Instagram to keep up to date with celeb gossip, international news, and to communicate with friends, but have you ever considered the fact that it could be used to boost your career? Nowadays, more and more people are making the most of this social app to find and present themselves to potential employers. Here, we run through some tips on how you could do the same.


Instagram allows users to have a public profile that can be accessed by anyone if they wish, which is ideal for employers hoping to attract potential employees. As long as they are making the most of hashtags, you can search for employers in certain industries and visit their pages to find out more about them. Instagram profiles are a great way to find out more about a company’s culture as it is a more relaxed way of communicating for example, they might upload team photos which not only show the kind of people you would be working with but also the office environment. Lots of companies now share any available positions on their social media accounts as they know that this is one of the most efficient ways to reach people, especially with the tremendous amount of Instagram followers available on the platform. If you’d like to boost your sales and be blessed with more likes and followers, you can use Buzzoid to grow your Instagram.

Reach Out

Once you have found a position that interests you, you can use some of Instagram’s tools to reach out to the company. You could start by following their page, interacting with their posts for example by ‘liking’ them or commenting on them. Try to do this regularly so that they begin to notice your name. Companies always look for people who have a genuine interest in their company and company values, so also try to participate in any calls for engagement for example any competitions they run. And finally, tag them in your own posts as this will send them a notification, but make sure the promotion is relevant and authentic otherwise you may appear too keen.

Showcase Yourself

Instagram is also a great way to showcase yourself which is equally important when it comes to finding a job, as it allows potential employers to find out more about you and what you could offer their company. If you are going to use the app to find work, have a quick look over your profile before you begin reaching out, to make sure all the content you have uploaded is appropriate and will not portray you in a bad light. Try to make sure you have proof of your work ethic and if possible, examples of your work, especially if you’re trying to get into a creative industry. Boosting your popularity on Instagram does not only look good to employers, it also heightens the chances of you appearing on their feeds and search results organically. To do this, try to encourage as much engagement as possible on your own posts. You could do this using a bot for instagram and by using a free Instagram Profile Picture Viewer with InstaDP

To find a job on Instagram, spend time finding and researching potential employers using hashtag searches, and reach out to them using likes, comments and tags. For more job advice you can check out this post. You can also check out an app named GetInsta. It can help you to get Instagram followers free.

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