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How do I know if I should Size Up Or Down In Shapewear?

Shapewear is like Photoshop in real life. This magical garment can smooth out your lumps and sculpt lovely curves in seconds. It was created for those of you who want to lock a gorgeous figure under your clothes, whenever and wherever. Shapewear can enhance your natural curves and reshape those areas that need correction due to fat deposits or sagging skin. It gives amazing results instantly, so it’s no surprise that shapewear is gaining popularity as well. 

Despite its increasing popularity, unfortunately, choosing the right shapewear size is still considered too difficult. You might be one of those who ask, is it better to size up or size down when buying shapewear? Well, neither. Just buy your true size! 

What Will Happen When You Choose Too Small Shapewear 


Women tend to choose shapewear in smaller sizes in the hope of getting extra tightness which can give a significant slimming effect. This may sound reasonable, but is it really so? 

In fact, shapewear was created to work best at your true size. All types of shapewear, whether it’s waist trainers, bodysuits, shaper shorts or tummy control shapewear, are made from high-tightness and strong materials that can stretch in such a way as to apply firm pressure to your body. In return, it can correct fat rolls and create a smooth silhouette in an instant. Considering that the fabric is already tight, you don’t need to size down when buying shapewear. Take the same size as your clothes. Go for a size M bodysuit if you are a size M, go for a plus size waist trainer if you are a plus size, and so on. 


Wearing a too small shapewear will actually create problems for your body instead of giving you a greater slimming effect. A size that is too small will potentially make your shapewear create bulges where they shouldn’t be. In addition, you will find it very difficult to pull the shapewear onto your body when you put it on or take it off. What’s worse, too small shapewear may lead to health problems such as respiratory problems and skin irritation. After all, of course, it will send a feeling of discomfort as long as you wear it. 

What Will Happen When You Choose Too Big Shapewear 


In the opposite room, some people probably think about size up when choosing shapewear. They said that tight undergarments will restrict movement and activity. Oh, well… 

To be honest, trying to size up your shapewear is a totally discouraged idea. Shapewear that is too big will actually make the fabric fold and the shapewear itself will easily slide down when you move around. The contouring features will not work effectively, and may not even have any effect on your body shape. 


Shapewear is body-shaping undergarment which is, of course, made from tight fabrics to give compression to your body and allow you to look slimmer and fabulous. The tightness of a shapewear hug is rewarded by the perfect sculpt you get. But you should know, the best shapewear will hug you comfortably and follow your every movement smoothly. Innovative technologies and features have also been used in modern shapewear and the best activewear for women, enabling them to be more breathable, lightweight and cling like a second skin. Simply put, you don’t need to worry about the tightness level because it has been adjusted according to each size, while still prioritizing your comfort. 

The Best Shapewear Is The One That Fits Your True Size 


Shapewear that fits properly should feel firm and secure, but at the same time, it should feel comfortable to breathe and move around in. Hence, both size up and size down are not recommended in choosing shapewear. The wisest one is definitely sticking to your true size. 

Getting the right size is essential in every shapewear purchase, whether it’s choosing a tummy control shapewear that you’ll wear every day or a waist trainer that you’ll only wear for working outs. The right size will make your shapewear work more effectively as well. Conversely, an incorrect size, either too small or too big, will only lead to feeling uncomfortable and the results are not optimal. A simple guide below will help you to choose the shapewear size that fits you best! 


1. Measure Your Real Size 

The best shapewear brands will always provide clear sizing charts to guide customers to find the best size that fits their body. Make sure you carefully read every detail of the size and measurement instructions provided by the brand. Measure your upper waist, lower waist and hips carefully. Then make your choice after matching your real size and the brand’s size chart. 

2. Ask The Customer Service 

The advantage of buying shapewear online is that you can choose any brand from all over the world. But sometimes each brand has a different size standard. If you are unsure about choosing the right size, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service. Of course their suggestions and recommendations will help you get the best size. 


3. Exchange Or Return Service 

Choosing the right shapewear size can be tricky, so choose a shopping site that offers exchange and return services, such as Shapellx with their 100% Fit Guarantee. This service is beneficial because you can easily apply for a return or exchange for another size or product, either for their best shapewear or best activewear purchases. 

Frankly speaking, choosing a shapewear size is quite a thrill. But when you choose one that fits best, you will get a balance of sculpturing and comfort, and that’s what shapewear is all about. Remember to stick to your true size and use the guidelines above when you buy a shapewear. 

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