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5 Of the Best Garden Upgrades for This Summer

With the weather improving, now is a great time to start improving your garden so that you can really enjoy spending time outside during the summer months. This is particularly true this year due to the Coronavirus, which means that people must spend more time at home, so having a nice outdoor space could make a big difference to your mental health. There are lots of improvements that you could make to your garden now to improve the space and make it a nice place to spend time when the weather permits – read on for a few ideas which will hopefully give you some inspiration.

1. Social Space

Having a common area in the garden can give you another space to spend time and enjoy the company of others, so getting an area set up for when you can have people over once again is a smart idea. This should include having a table and a few chairs so that you can enjoy drinks and food outside. Still, you could also add exterior lighting, a chiminea, outdoor speakers, and anything else to create a cozy, welcoming space.

2. Outdoor Games

Outdoor games can also make this a more enjoyable space, especially as you must spend a lot more time at home than usual. There are all kinds of fun outdoor games for kids and adults, such as:





*Ring toss

3. Tree Removal

If you have dead or dying trees in your garden, then this can block light and bring down the tone of the entire garden. Tree Removal Companies can come in to safely cut trees down, which can completely open up your garden and make it a much brighter space. In addition to improving the look of the garden, this is also helpful in terms of getting more light to your yard, which will help your plants to grow. You can replace the trees with other outdoor fixtures like fountains at OutdoorArtPros.com

4. Vegetable Patch

Leading on from this, growing your own vegetables is a fun and healthy hobby, which will provide you with delicious produce (this can help to lower your grocery bill too). Having hobbies is essential during times like this, so creating a vegetable patch in your backyard and learning how to grow different vegetables could be a fun activity that the whole family can get involved with.

5. Build A Pond

There is something incredibly calming and therapeutic about being by the water, so building your own pond could have a significant impact on your mental health, which is essential in these trying times. A pond is surprisingly easy to build, they can work even in small gardens, and it can attract a range of wildlife to the backyard, which makes it an excellent upgrade to make this summer.

These are a few of the best garden upgrades to consider for the upcoming summer months. The Coronavirus outbreak is forcing people to spend time at home, which means that having a beautiful and relaxing garden will be a real blessing. Additionally, when you can invite friends and family over once again, you can impress them with your new garden and enjoy spending time together once again.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I want to add a vegetable patch and especially try growing some heirloom tomatoes this Summer. I like the pond idea, too. That would be really beautiful.

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