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Enjoy Natural & Sustainable Pain Relief With The Sunny Bay Extra Large Body Heat Wrap

It is no secret to anyone that knows me, that I am a huge fan of all natural remedies for any ailments that I may have versus using medications and pain relievers. We all know that natural remedies are just better for you as you are not putting anything into your body that is not natural. This is why I have been looking for the perfect natural remedy to help with the endless pains that I have issues with from time to time in my neck, shoulder, lower back and even my abdomen area when I am suffering from menstrual cramps. As a female, we all know how that can be and not only can I get bad menstrual cramps at that time-of-the-month but also lower back pain. In comes the SunnyBay Extra Large Body Heat Wrap that is the perfect size to cover all of my ailment needs. SunnyBay is a brand that I have fallen in love with as they create products that help to relieve pain and aches naturally and sustainably and the best part is that you can reuse these again and again. This Extra Large Body Heat Wrap provides the soothing relief I need via the moist heat that it provides without the use of medications or pain killers and the best part… it works perfectly. Let’s take a look at the many reasons I am loving this natural remedy from SunnyBay.


This SunnyBay Extra Large Heat Wrap in the London Plaid design provides the therapeutic relief you need. Once you have properly and safely heated this in your microwave, you instantly place it wherever you are looking for pain relief whether that be your shoulder, back or wherever you are in need of relief. From there you will enjoy a good 30 minutes of moist heat as these packs hold heat in 30-minute intervals which helps to maximize your pain relief and discomfort for a fast and efficient recovery. This wrap is a must have for any home and it is also perfection for on-the-go pain relief in the event you need it while traveling too.

Pain Relief

SunnyBay’s versatile, extra large heat wrap is a heating pad that will quickly become you go-to fix for pain and discomfort of any kind plus it is perfection for melting away stress and tension too which I can have issues with while working at my desk all day long. This is perfection for athletes as well…… if they have been performing intense training or possibly had an accidental tweak that is now causing discomfort during daily activities, this wrap will provide the all natural pain relief that will help them to relax and unwind. The best part is that SunnyBay makes their heating pads to also be used as cold packs… simply place the in the freezer if you need cold pack relief and you can use it that way too!


This beautifully created Extra Large Heat Wrap from SunnyBay is super comfortable too. The cover is luxurious feeling and removable for cleaning plus each pack is filled with whole grain wheat fill that will efficiently hold heat to provide you the relief you are looking for all while being able to flex and fit around whatever area you need relief on so that you can target your pain in specific areas. You will begin feeling relief in no time in all honesty and it totally has to do with the moist heat that this pack provides. That moist heat makes all of the difference and it feels amazing when using it.

Hot & Cold Use

I absolutely love the versatility that this SunnyBay Extra Large Heat Pack provides as it can be a heat pad and also a cold pack. No more need to use gel packs or ice cubes that melt and that make a mess…just use this Sunny Bay Extra Large Heat Pack instead! SunnyBay’s heat pads handle both hot and cold treatments with ease. Simply pop it into the microwave for quick heating (Heat for 2 minutes to enjoy 30 minutes of heat), or place it in the refrigerator or freezer to chill for fast soothing cold relief. It is the perfect wrap to have on hand for whatever treatment you are looking for when it comes to your bodies muscle aches and pains.


With the Extra Large Heat Wrap from SunnyBay being reusable….. makes it the perfect sustainable pain relief solution as you really need nothing else than this pack for both your heat pack and cold pack needs. No matter how many times you use it, the SunnyBay heat pack will be ready for more. That is because they have designed every detail of the wrap to stand up to heavy, repeated use so that you get the consistent pain and muscle relief on demand, anytime that you need it. I also love that the cover is removable so that you can clean it anytime that you need too and the wrap is handmade in the USA which is everything to me!

More Details:

*Made in the USA

*Size 10″ x 24″

*Weighs 4 Pounds

*Filled with all-natural whole wheat for the best heat retention and soft feel.

*The removable cover is machine washable.

So what do you think of this Extra Large Heat Wrap from Sunny Bay? I love the London Plaid cover and love how beautifully this wrap works at any ailment I throw its way. My husband actually loves it for his shoulder and the moist heat that this provides is everything. Check this one out today and order one to have in your pain relief arsenal and begin enjoying all natural pain relief that works and that works beautifully PLUS Save 10%!

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