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How do I choose a good kitchen faucet?

Today it is possible that we can find variety in terms of kitchen taps, which range from folding faucets to single-lever fixtures, which will be more profitable according to the type of kitchen you have, space, and many other factors.[ stove faucet]

On the other hand, it is also possible among all this variety of folding faucets and more taps to find the black pot filler faucet, which is gaining much prominence for its price and easy installation its color and elegant and striking finish.

Tips for choosing a kitchen faucet

A right choice of a kitchen faucet may seem complicated, even overwhelming, but it is essential to be able to choose one that not only fits our style but to choose one that fits the available space and has a long life.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider all these aspects that we will present below to choose the filter that attracts attention and select a suitable one that can be easily installed and meets the expectations.

*Type of tap

Given how broad the market for kitchen taps is, it is essential to think about what type of fixture you want to acquire when thinking about changing the one you have or remodeling. It can be a folding faucet, a single lever tap, and a two-lever tap.

In this case, the recommendation is to obtain as much information as possible about the tap you want to install, whether it is suitable for your space, whether it is easy to install, and other aspects. In any case, it can also obtain this information through a hardware store or an expert plumber.


To make the right choice of a tap is essential to consider its materials and the finish, beyond how it looks. It is vital to choose a faucet that makes quality materials that guarantee a useful life and complement other materials.


When choosing a folding faucet, or any other type of faucet, it is essential to have a previous budget, to make an investment for a brand name faucet, but that it is not such a high cost compared with the rest of the modifications made at home.


In this case, if you want to save a considerable cost by installing a folding faucet or a black pot filler faucet, it is ideal to choose one that includes your instructions so that you can install it yourself without having to contact a plumber.


Finally, it is crucial to choose a design that attracts attention, as we recommend that it visualize in the kitchen before buying it and think about whether it contrasts with the whole space or is out of tune. This way, you can choose a faucet that stands out.

Types of kitchen taps

If you are looking for a black pot filler faucet or any other faucet to replace in your home, in addition to the above tips, it is vital to know the variety of taps to find in the market.

You can quickly find them through digital platforms such as eBay or Amazon, the latter being the highest demand for taps and where you can even find offers for new brand taps. 

As for the different types, we highlight the following:

*Arch taps

As its name indicates, it is a type of faucet whose hose is in an arc, and it is a black pot filler faucet with different finishes and is ideal for those who cook in large quantities and have ample space. 

*Folding taps

Faucet folding is ideal for small spaces, as it is a type of faucet that not only has a glossy finish but can be turned and folded vertically or horizontally, providing greater comfort in the kitchen.

*Touch taps

These types of faucets are very different from the black pot filler faucet because, as their name suggests, they are faucets with a touch-sensitive technology to activate their operation, especially if you often have busy days in the kitchen.

*Two keys

Despite being a popular type in some countries, two-tap taps are currently not widely used because they are complicated to use, as one of the fixtures is for hot water and the other for cold water.

However, as well as those mentioned above, although folding faucets are widespread, it is possible to find other types of taps that can adapt to everyone’s needs within the home.

Are flip-top taps a good option?

The folding faucets are an excellent option for those kitchens with limited space or for those kitchens that, above the sink area, there is a window because these faucets can fold to clear the area.

On the other hand, they are taps characterized by having a nice finish and a reasonably affordable cost; today, you can find different brands that have offers in these filters. In addition to folding, they can regulate the temperature.

Of these filters, we can also highlight that they are easy to install, and, according to the care given, they can have up to 5 years of useful life, so if you are looking to save time and money, these taps are a good option.

As for the best options for folding faucets, we highlight:


It is a brand that has gained recognition as one of the best in terms of folding faucets. They manufacture intending to prevent splashes and save up to 30% of the water in each use.

2) Hansgrohe

It is a faucet that has become a favorite of many people because, in addition to turning 360°, it is a removable faucet, thus providing more comfort and being ideal as a black pot filler faucet because it is a brand thought of in quality.[ stainless steel kitchen faucet]

3) Grifema

Finally, this folding faucet is an eye-catching, guaranteed faucet with a long life span. Moreover, it is a tap that can fold vertically and horizontally, being ideal for small spaces and two-seater basins.


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