How Are You, Really?

Feeling stressed, wrung out and just not on top form happens to everyone from time to time. Sometimes we can pinpoint the exact reason, whether that’s the stress of family life, a high-pressured job or illness in the family. But there are times when these feelings can just creep up on us and if you’re struggling to find a reason, then it’s time to go through a health checklist to try and get to the bottom of your slump.

We bring you a short guide on how to check in on your mental and physical well being and what to do you when you’re not sure what to do.

Take Stock

Take some time to think about how you’ve been feeling physically over the last few weeks. Have you had any illness, a cold that’s been hard to shift or any aches and pains that have occurred without explanation? It might be that there’s something going on that you’re not seeing.

If you’ve been struggling to maintain your usual energy levels, try and remember when it first started and what, if any, symptoms you felt at the time. All this will come in useful when you talk to a doctor and help to piece together the puzzle. If you have an ongoing condition, are you managing it well? Are you up to date with your medication or had a review in recent months? All these things are well worth talking to a doctor about alongside any other concerns you may have about your body and well-being, implant removal cost, for example.


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How are you sleeping? We’re not just talking about length of sleep or the ease in which you drop off but if you’re getting good quality sleep. Falling into bed exhausted after an evening checking emails or scrolling down social media posts just isn’t enough to help your brain truly unwind.

Put down your phone or tablet long before bedtime, up to two hours if you can. This will give your brain the chance to become calmer and not respond to the stimulus of a small screen. If you struggle to drop off, take a warm bath and drink something hot and decaffeinated, anything that starts signalling to your body that it’s time to relax.

Make sure that your room is dark and warm but not hot and as quiet as you can make it. If it helps, get hold of some ear plugs and an eye mask to block out light and noise and give you a better night’s rest. Where possible have your partner deal with children in the night, to help you get back into a routine of sleeping long and deeply.

The difference some great sleep can make is significant, so if none of these tips work then consider talking to a doctor or sleep clinic about what’s going on. Don’t let the issue drag on longer than it needs to.


If you have an idea of why you’re feeling off form, then consider how you’re going to tackle the issue and the knock-on effect it’s having on you. There are some situations that simply have to pass, such as a difficult project at work or a phase of childhood that’s proving stressful. In this case, how you deal with the anxiety and worry is going to be your major focal point.

Talk to a trusted friend or relative about how you’re feeling and consider some alternative therapies. Mindfulness and meditation are practices that help many people to feel calmer and more able to deal with challenges.  Also make sure that you take some time out away from the situation for some space and the ability to recharge your batteries.

Feeling under pressure and out of form can be tough to deal with, particularly if you’re not entirely clear why. If you have any concerns over your mental or physical health, always talk it through with a doctor and don’t miss any hidden illnesses that might be causing you issues.

Make sure to look after the practical sides of your health, by sleeping, drinking plenty of water and fuelling your body with fresh, vitamin-packed foods. Take care of you as best you can. It’s far too easy to put your needs second and let yourself get burnt out at work and at home. Take a moment to assess where you are and how you’re feeling and if you need to make some changes, give yourself the time and space to make that happen. There’s only one of you, so ask yourself how you’re feeling, really.


  • Dawn D.

    I urge all that read this to please find some calm in your life. – Take 5, 10, 15 minutes, RIGHT NOW, to stop and breathe. Turn off the TV, close your eyes, take 3 deep cleansing breaths; then find your minds ‘happy spot.’ – Now release from your mind, all that has you bound up. For this moment in time you are free.

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