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Health Issues That Can Affect Your Eyes

Some of us want to know everything about our health, and what we can do to maintain it. For people who like to be prepared, it is good to know what health issues are in your family, which ones may be hereditary, and what health issues might affect specific parts of your body, depending on what you might have problems with.

Your eyes are a very important part of your body, and sight cannot be replaced, so it is reasonable that people want to know what to expect when it comes to health problems and how to keep their sight for as long as possible.

So, with that in mind, this piece will look at health issues that can affect your eyes and what you might be able to do about it.


Diabetes is a well-known illness that can turn nasty and life-threatening if not addressed properly, along with causing a whole host of issues for the body.

It has been discovered that around 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes, and 1 in 3 have pre-diabetes, meaning there is a significant proportion of people who are already predisposed to developing eye problems. Diabetic retinopathy is an eye condition specifically related to diabetes and is caused by blood vessels leaking onto the eye of the retina. This can cause devastating effects such as significant vision loss and blindness. It is also worth mentioning that those who have diabetes are also at risk for other eye conditions such as glaucoma.

If you do have diabetes, then be sure to have a specialist eye test to keep on top of your eye health.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, known as hypotension, can have a significant effect on our eye health. When your blood pressure is high, it puts an unnecessary strain on our blood vessels, along with other organs in the body such as the heart, brain, kidneys, and the eyes! When blood vessels strain, it can cause significant damage, and the blood vessels around the eyes are not an exception to this. Worryingly, it has been said that one in three Americans suffer from high blood pressure, which means one in three Americans could end up with eye problems. 

Autoimmune Conditions

Autoimmune conditions are another set of health problems that can have a negative impact on your vision. Depending on the autoimmune disease in question will depend on the effect it can have on your eyes, so it is best to check, which might specifically relate to you. However, with some autoimmune conditions, sore, red, itchy, and dry eyes are often a sign that something is wrong and could develop into more threatening symptoms such as eye pain, changes in the quality of vision, and even vision loss if not diagnosed and treated correctly.

Make sure to have regular check-ups with your optometrist to make sure everything is in working order and that your eyes are healthy, to prevent any issues before it happens, or stop it in its tracks! And if you to use contact lenses to aid in your vision, buy one from www.contactlensesplus.com.

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