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Have You Heard of These Popular Norwegian Games?

Entertainment in Norway is heavily influenced by the culture of the country, with this reflected in the games that are played. From traditional games to more modern offerings, there are games for everyone to enjoy. However, has the growing popularity of online gaming influenced the type of games played?

Tabletop Games

Hnefatafl, also known as The King’s Table, was a game played where two sides each had a different number of pieces, with one side having to defend the king, and the other side must capture the King. In this game, all pieces move diagonally, like the rook in chess, and opponent pieces are taken by trapping them between two of your own. Thought to have been lost, this game has been recreated as “Modern Hnefatafl”, and it is played either in tabletop form or online. Tablut is a variation of Hnefatafl and involves eight defenders needing to help the king, while sixteen attackers try to capture it.

Garden games

Kübb is a game popular in Norway although it originated in Sweden. It is played outside with three different types of wooden pieces: kubbs, batons, and the king, and is an alternative to playing modern-day skittles or bowling. The main aim of the game is to use your batons to knock down your opponent’s kubbs, with the king knocked down last. Any kubbs that get knocked down will join the opposite side, so the better you are, the harder it is for your opponent to win the game. This is also an incredibly customizable game, so you can make it harder or easier depending on who you play with. 

Online games

It’s not all about traditional games played in Norway, but even modern games have somewhat traditional themes in Norway. For example, there are several online games based on the Vikings, which are incredibly popular to play such as Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, which is an app-based puzzle game. In this game, Vikings have been scattered around after an icy wind swept them away, and you need to use your skills to get them back to their ship. While this game may appear simple to play, it can offer hours of fun and is a good game to pause and return back to.

The Viking theme is particularly prevalent as it is also heavily featured in online casino gaming. From Viking Video Slot to Vikings Unleashed, there is a range of welcome bonuses accompanying these games to really pique the interest of the players. According to ToppCasinoBonus, these include welcome bonuses, free spins, and loyalty programs, which is perhaps another reason why the genre is so popular! Pulling together traditional history with a modern twist, these games are the best of both worlds.

There is a wide range of games to play in Norway, with plenty available if you want to experience the Norwegian culture. However, if the traditional games are not for you, then there are always online games to take your fancy. Whatever you decide, just remember to have fun.


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