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The Amazing Benefits of Coloring and Drawing for Your Little Ones!

The Amazing Benefits of Coloring and Drawing for Your Little Ones!


In this busy world that we live in today and with all of the technology out there…. it is more important than ever to get our little ones involved with drawing and coloring. It is such a fabulous learning tool for sure and one that seems forgotten in this busy, high tech world that we live in today. Not only is it a valuable tool and a way to motivate creativity in children, it’s an enjoyable task too! Any child will love being faced with these coloring pages, with anything from butterflies to animals on the farm! As a child growing up… my grandmother always encouraged creativity and crafting and it all started with learning to draw and coloring as well. You can start your creative journey at Mstrsktch.

It is a fact that drawing in the early stages of childhood provides insightful knowledge into the crucial cognitive, physical and emotional development of any child. The actual act of drawing is a great way for young kids to express themselves and is great for engaging and developing intellect. It is simply a great way to get them open to expression versus sitting around on tech products and not expressing their individuality. I truly believe that something as simple as encouraging our young ones to draw and color is a great way to develop and create expressive and amazing minds. If you ever have the chance to simply observe a little one drawing you can notice how their concentration is expressed with their entire body…. they really get into it and that is a great thing for sure.


I came across a site called Homesthetics and they have a fabulous section on inspiring your kids to get creative with drawing and coloring. They have a fabulous section that provides you with tons of fun things to draw. My favorite is a cartoon scene with an Octopus and they provide you with a step by step tutorial on how to make a perfect drawing and then you can color it too! There are many other options such as a deer, zebra and many others. Plus once your little one gets the hang of it they can begin drawing and creating their own pictures of whatever their wondrous mind may want to create. The sky is the limit, but this is like a step by step drawing book that I used as a kid… but even better.

Learn-How-to-Draw-an-OctopusThere are so many step by step tutorials like this one, with the Octopus, which is my personal favorite…. so make sure you check it out for yourself and get your little one(s) drawing, sketching and coloring. You will broaden their minds and get them into that creative state that little ones need to get those fresh minds developing and creating. It is a fabulous way to spend time with your kids as well and there is nothing better than that. Your kids will love the time you spend with them and they will love and be proud of their prized artwork. Make sure you praise their work no matter what they create because individuality and creativity are a fabulous thing indeed! I have so many frames filled with my daughters artwork from Kindergarten to middle school and I always get compliments on them from friends and family when they are over. Some look like works of art that you would pay for… so your little ones artwork could be a priceless item for you to display proudly in your home for years and years to come. They are my favorite pieces for sure and I display them proudly!

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  • Deborah W.

    I love that they are realizing that coloring and other non-electronic activities are great for children’s creativity and development. I think some of us already knew that but some parents find it much easier to go to the electronics.

  • Emily Endrizzi

    What a cool website. I bet my kiddos would love to play on there. They both love to color and draw.

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