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Give Your Home A Makeover This Spring


If you’re at home indoors thinking it’s about time for a bit of sprucing up of the house, look no further. There are lots of new trends you can apply to your kitchen, living room or bathroom. Look for sustainable options as well, which are better for the environment. To reduce your carbon footprint by opting for natural or recycled materials. You could even consider bigger jobs like having solar panels installed. Here are some examples of fun ways to spruce up your house that are popular at the moment. 


Plan a budget and think about the look you want to achieve. The “farm-house chic”  trend is popular this year, which fabulously combines both a rustic ambiance with elegant and modern fixtures. Upgrade your appliances to more advanced “smart” models. Juxtapose these with lighter, blonde woods that are trending at the moment, along with lighter colors and plenty of plants and flowers. There are many low maintenance species of plants that help to create a calming atmosphere. Try decorating with vintage accessories. When refurbishing the kitchen it’s wise to consider the origin of the materials you are using and how long they will last. It’s a better idea to opt for good quality natural materials such as wood, stone, and marble. These materials will create a timeless look and you won’t waste as many emissions on transport and manufacture. 

Living Room

If you haven’t got the budget for a refurb, see how creative you can be decorating the room where you probably spend most of the time you’re awake. Recycling old items is a great way to give them a new use. This technique is called upcycling and there are infinite possibilities. Refresh your furniture using recycled fabrics, or try and find a new use for household items you have lying around. Use this technique to find more creative ways to decorate your home. You could even consider creating your own artwork. Show off your efforts to family and friends via video chat. If anyone you know is difficult to reach due to being hard of hearing, learn more about what you can do. Get the whole family involved in a creative project. 


If you want to decorate your bathroom this year go for a minimalist look. This means finally getting rid of that clutter and making better use of storage. You can then make way for an elegant and sleek look, and a relaxing atmosphere. Keep patterns to a minimum and go for block colors. The room will feel bigger. Other trends include using darker color palettes, to almost create a more gothic look. This is very popular at the moment for more luxury bathrooms. Look into those natural stones as well.  With marble tiling, it’s also fashionable to use book matching. This is the art of matching two mirroring pieces of marble to great a dramatic impact. Alternatively textured porcelain helps to give a more modern touch, and this material is also trending for kitchens this year.

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