Give The Gift Of Health With The Arivale Healthy Holidays Package @arivaleteam @SMGurusNetwork

The Gift for The Person Who Has It All

Give The Gift Of Health With The Arivale Healthy Holidays Package @arivaleteam @SMGurusNetwork

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I am so excited to share the Arivale Healthy Holidays Package with everyone that I know, as there’s nothing better than giving the gift of health. The Healthy Holidays Package is the perfect gift to help your loved ones look and feel better as it provides a customized and easy-to-follow action plan, plus three months of data-backed health coaching to start the New Year! Arivale uses your genetics to take the guesswork out of meeting your health goals while keeping you accountable and motivated with on-demand access to your own personal nutritionist and behavior-change expert.

The Healthy Holidays Package delivers:

1) Data from 3,000+ genetic variants to understand your unique predispositions for weight, diet, heart health, sleep, exercise, and more.

2) Data from 40+ blood markers to understand how your genes and life choices may be affecting your health and what areas need your attention.

3) Motivation and accountability from your own personal health coach, a licensed nutritionist and behavior-change expert. Your coach can help you with meal planning, fitness tips, restaurant advice, expert answers, and more. Your coach will work with you on your schedule to save you time and stress.

4) A one-of-a-kind and easy-to-follow action plan to reach your health goals that’s tailored to your unique body and lifestyle and, most importantly, what you’re ready and willing to achieve.

The way that Arivale and their Healthy Holidays Package works is super simple. Once you sign up you will:

Step 1: Tell Them About Yourself

The first thing you’ll do is go to the Arivale dashboard. This is where you’ll tell Arivale about your health goals and frustrations, diet, lifestyle, and family history. Your answers will help Arivale learn what you’ve already tried, what has and hasn’t worked in the past, and what you’re ready and able to do right now. This is the first step in creating a unique health program that matches your unique self.


Step 2: Choose A Health Coach

You’ll choose one of Arivale’s 60+ Certified Nutritionists and Registered Dietitians to be your go-to person. They’re ready to save you time and stress when it comes to your health. You can work with your coach on the phone or through the handy Arivale app. The form and frequency of coaching depends on your goals, needs, and schedule. If you’re too busy for a call… you can simply chat with your coach via the app, which is awesome. They will save you time through meal planning, daily health reminders, restaurant advice, and more.


Step 3: Get A Plan Tailored Just To You

Arivale will provide a customized plan tailored just for you to suit your own personal needs, and your coach will adjust that plan over time based on what’s working for you and what’s not. The plan finds those small changes that can bring you big results in terms of your health.

Step 4: Add Your Data

Take a deep dive into your body with a blood draw, checking your genetics and blood markers, as they go hand in hand in ensuring optimal health catered specifically for you. Your coach will explain your data and show you how to use it to better manage your health.

Genetics: 3,000+ genetic variants to help you understand how your genes impact your weight, optimal diet, heart health, response to exercise, sleep quality, diabetes risk, inflammation, and nutritional needs.

Blood Markers: Your genetics don’t mean anything without knowing how they’re manifesting in your body. Arivale will test 40+ markers to understand your heart health, optimal diet, inflammation, diabetes risk, and more.

So what do you think of Arivale and their Healthy Holidays Package? Is this not the perfect gift for your family – and yourself? Right now you can take advantage of huge savings and receive three months of data-backed health coaching customized just for you (a $696 value) for just $297! This is a fabulous investment and an even better gift. There’s nothing more important than your health and the health of your loved ones. Arivale provides the tools and knowledge your loved ones need to be the best and healthiest they you can be!

Visit Arivale today to learn more and make sure you check them out on social media, as well! Their scientific leadership sets them apart and for good reason!


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