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Getting Started with a Caretaking Franchise

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It’s never an easy decision to register your mom, dad, grandparent, or other loved one into a retirement home. Through rumors and some true horror stories of elders being taken advantage of, neglected, given the wrong medicine, etc., it’s not surprising that the older generations are resistant to bunking up with strangers in tight quarters. 

In many developing countries, it is the family dynamic and responsibility to move in with your parents, but oftentimes the wife does not work, the elders do not rely on medication, and the community is much closer, sharing responsibilities. With that being said, there is a plan B in developed countries if you can’t balance their caretaking needs with all your other responsibilities (children, work, home, etc.). The next best option is an at-home caretaker. Whether you are looking to assist an elder in your community or all the elders in your community, there are many home care franchise opportunities, like those of Visiting Angels.

Entrepreneurship with a Purpose

Visiting Angels is a caretaking franchise spread across the United States, aligning entrepreneurs with the opportunity to set up elderly people with caretakers, who tend to them at home. Caretakers assist with meal prepping, hygiene, chauffeuring, and more, depending on the individual’s needs.  

A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with what to do and which direction to take. Visiting Angels makes it easy, and you get the satisfaction and fulfillment of keeping elders in the comforts of their homes by bringing assistance to them!

The franchise’s mission, “Visiting Angels elderly home care franchise owners are passionate about helping families find compassionate care that enables their loved one to live safely at home and age in place,” speaks for itself and to people who feel strongly about the changes that need to be made in the way we “abandon” our parents in the developed world. 

A Franchise that Supports You

            Visiting Angels is a promising franchise to undergo, as they provide training and support to all franchise owners.

Twenty-four-seven assistance from directors is always available if any mishaps were to arise, and we are not talking about online chats or emails. They are dedicated to providing support and instruction face-to-face in meetings in person at your regional location. If the question is pressing, you still have the option to call or email. 

The organization also holds annual retreats for franchise owners and those considering this new path. These retreats provide detailed information to franchise owners, so they can provide the best service to their clients with organization, as well as reach their own levels of success and goals in place.

Maybe you want to bring this beautiful system to your hometown, but a few obstacles stand in the way, like “How will I make it known?” Visiting Angels provides you with full support on understanding how to use social media effectively and reach your audience, from Facebook to review sites. 

For entrepreneurs, this is really a win-win opportunity, as you get to help others while you are helping yourself. The demand is high for at-home assistance. Are you up for it?

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