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Get Your Grill Ready For Summer Grilling With the Grill Daddy PRO #GrillingSeason #ILoveGrillDaddy

I am not sure about you, but my absolute favorite way to cook my family meals in the Spring, Summer & Fall is via our grill. There is just something extra delicious about perfectly grilled steaks, chicken, pork, seafood, veggies and more as foods cooked on an open flame simply taste better. I can find delicious recipes from an outdoor cooking website & this helps me to do what love as Iove using the grill to cook sides for our meal too… by using foil packets or cooking with a pot on my side burner. This is perfection as I am not heating up the kitchen in my house which can get extra warm in the summer months, especially when using the oven. By cooking my meals on the grill I am eliminating the need to use extra pots and pans in the cooking process which saves me on the cleanup! Now talking about cleanup…. I want to share my secret weapon for keeping my grill clean as cleaning a grill can be a true challenge and this is where the Grill Daddy PRO comes in. The Grill Daddy PRO with ‘SAFE BRISTLE-LOCK’ is the most effective Grill Steam Cleaner on the market and it is perfect for PRO & Avid Backyard Grillers like myself.

Take a quick look at my video showcasing how the Grill Daddy works…

Pretty cool right… and I simply want to know where has the Grill Daddy PRO been all of my life!? This thing rocks and I wish I had found it sooner. The Grill Daddy line of grill brushes will clean your grill better than any other grill brush and it does this faster and more easily than other grill brushes on the market as Grill Daddy Grill Brushes use the power of STEAM to clean your grill while protecting your hand from the grill in the cleaning process. The best part is that a cleaner grill will ensure your grilled foods taste even better and that is something that to appreciate.

Grill Daddy

I love that the Grill Daddy PRO is sustainable too as it is clean and green. You simply fill the brush with 16 ounces of water and then apply it to your hot grill surface. You clean as you normally would, but the ingenious design of the Grill Daddy PRO, releases water in the process. This creates steam which makes scraping your grill clean a breeze. There are no chemicals needed… just the beautifully built Grill Daddy PRO and H2O!

Grill Daddy

Grill Daddy has created these ingenious grill brushes, right here in the USA to offer an upgrade for grill enthusiasts as compared to the traditional cheap disposable grill cleaning products and brushes on the market. Grill Daddy Grill Brushes are luxurious, ergonomic products that perform beautifully and that will last for years and years to come all while protecting you from the searing heat of your grill.

Grill Daddy
Grill Daddy
Grill daddy

I also have to mention that I love that the brush heads can be replaced on my Grill Daddy PRO Grill Brush. This is ‘green’ too as I am not throwing the brush away but rather simply replacing the brush heads so that the brush will work like new whenever it is worn down. It is recommended to replace the brushes once a year with regular use but it really all depends on how much you use it.

Grill Daddy

To use the brush is a breeze. You simply preheat the grill and then fill your Go Daddy PRO with water… AFTER turning the water valve to the off position. Head over to your pre-heated grill and turn the water valve to ‘on’ and then start to brush away caked-on food residue and grease. The brush releases a measured amount of water as you clean and this water turns to steam when it hits the grill and rinses away burnt-on food and dirt. If you want more steam…. simply loosen the fill cap and for hard-to-clean areas, flip the brush over to release just the right amount of water from the brawny three-row crud-buster scraper which works perfectly to get rid of that heavy built on gunk on your grill grates.

Grill Daddy

The Grill Daddy PRO makes the perfect gift for any foodie or grill enthusiast in your life too. I am definitely grabbing a few of these for several people on my gift giving list this year as I know they will love it as much as I do. Your recipient will be blown away at how perfectly this grill brush works and will never forget that you introduced them to the best grill cleaning brush that keeps their grill perfectly clean.

Grill Daddy

So what do you think of the Grill Daddy PRO Grill Brush? Are you loving this grill brush as much as my husband and I do? I actually enjoy cleaning my grill because using the Grill Daddy PRO as it is really getting my grill clean as compared to traditional grill brushes. Grill Daddy brushes are sold in stores like Sharper Image, William Sonoma and more BUT you can order it today from and get it for the best price possible with my 10% discount code below. As mentioned above it makes the ultimate gift for anyone that owns a grill and for yourself too and it is the #1 Grill Brush for a reason. Check out Grill Daddy online and on social media too and do not forget to take advantage of the 10% discount code below and have it shipped straight to your door!

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