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Top Tips for Revamping Your Style

You may have reached the stage of getting yourself into a style rut that can be difficult to break out of without any sense of direction, but there’s never a better time than now to try a whole new aesthetic. You may not know what your personal style is or whether you even have one at all – however, our clothes are an integral part of our public identity and can even give your confidence a much-needed boost.  
If you need some advice on how to give your style a facelift, you’ve come to the right place – in this guide, and we’re going to look at some of the top tips on how to give your style a much-needed revamp.


First and foremost, you should clear out as much of your wardrobe as you can – get into all of the drawers and remove items that you haven’t worn in the past 12 months or so. Many people are guilty of holding onto pieces with the intention of wearing them again in the future, but the reality is that this usually never happens. Hoarding piles of clothes not only takes up valuable wardrobe space but prevents you from shopping for new items because you simply don’t have the ‘room’. Bite the bullet and be brutal when it comes to de-cluttering. If you haven’t worn it recently and it doesn’t fit – get rid. You could either donate your unwanted clothing to charity or make some extra cash by selling online. 

Consider your personality

Your style should reflect your interests and personality to give people an impression before even communicating with you. It could potentially even create conversations with others if they admire your outfit. You can be whoever you want to be simply by what you’re wearing, and as a result, you’ll not only feel much more confident but can also help you find your own identity. If you’re a fan of retro animation and gaming, for example, sporting vintage t shirts shows your interest in this niche. So, here’s the bottom line – think about how you’d like to be perceived before choosing your style aesthetic. 

Try thrifting

If you’re hard to please when it comes to buying high-street clothing, why not spend a day thrifting? This is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and go on the hunt for clothing you simply cannot find elsewhere. Vintage and retro clothing is one-off pieces that are unique and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. You can style these pieces with more modern items to keep your look fresh and up to date. Thrifting is much cheaper and reduces your carbon footprint by recycling garments instead of buying brand new ones. 

Create Pinterest mood boards

Gaining inspiration for a whole new style can be difficult; however, browsing Pinterest is a great way to give you fresh ideas for different aesthetics and how you can pair up even the most basic wardrobe items. Create a mood board to refer to later down the line when browsing for new pieces to purchase.