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What to Do For Fun In the USA This Weekend

If you’re planning to travel in the United States this weekend, you’ll no doubt be looking for fun activities to occupy your time. Perhaps you have a bucket list you long to fulfill, or maybe you’re looking for some out-of-town entertainment for the whole family or a way to satisfy your wanderlust. Luckily, the USA has it all.

We’re all aware of the benefits of getting out in nature, but sometimes our hometowns and cities leave us feeling worn down and uninspired – that’s when it’s time to take a break somewhere new. So, from marveling at natural attractions like the Grand Canyon to playing golf on one of the America’s most famous courses, here are some ideas to help you hit the “reset” button and have some fun this weekend.

Golfing at Red Rock, Utah

Whether you’re an advanced golfer or you’re just getting started in the sport, the Red Rock Golf Trail is the perfect place to while away a Saturday afternoon. With stunning vistas, challenging shots and 11 courses in a 40-mile radius, families, couples, and individuals can enjoy this complimentary sports service provided by the St. George Tourism Office, then stay in one of the affordable hotels surrounding the area. Visitors can also explore the beautiful city of St. George and all the culture, history and fun it has to offer. For more information about St George Utah Golf Courses, click here.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

It’s impossible not to be impressed by Mother Nature when you visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona. With its ever-changing dramatic scenery of pine and fir forests, streams and waterfalls, sandstone canyons, and volcanic and geological features, there is always something to take your breath away here. The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, and the only one to be located in North America.

The Grand Canyon is part of the Colorado River basin that’s taken over 40 million years to develop, showcasing nearly two billion years of the Earth’s geological history. There is also plenty of sea life to capture your attention from reptiles, fish, amphibian and mammalian. There are many different ways you can see The Grand Canyon, by helicopter, motorcoach, water float or by foot, but to truly appreciate this incredible natural wonder, it’s best to book a guided tour. What better way to spend a weekend than marveling at Nature’s handiwork?

Yellowstone Natural Park, Wyoming

If you’re visiting the charming state of Wyoming this weekend, don’t forget to pay a visit to the world’s first national park. If you’re looking for an active camping trip complete with wolves, spot bison, and moose, as well as hot springs and breathtaking wilderness, Yellowstone Natural Park is the destination for you. With wildlife trails that include the Grand Teton and Glacier Natural Parks, as well as camping, hiking and eating facilities, your only wish will be that you’d booked to stay longer at this charming natural reserve.

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