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Fun Foodie Ideas To Play Around With This Christmas

Fun Foodie Ideas To Play Around With This Christmas


As traditions go, Christmas is one of the biggest of all – especially when it comes to food. Year upon year, we all tend to embark on the same experiences, with the same people. You look for the best turkey from a place like Mortons Farm, prep all the veg the night before, inevitably make to much food and end up with weeks of leftovers! There’s nothing wrong with that, but it can get a little bit dull from time to time. If you are look for a way of making it fun, you can look in a guide like How to Host a Spectacular Xmas Lunch, to give you tips on making christmas lunch seem less of a chore.

So this year, instead of sticking to your same traditions, play around with a few new creative ideas. Once you’ve got your presents wrapped and the decorations hung, get your mind in gear and start planning. Take a look at these ideas for foodie inspiration this Christmas.

Jazz Up Dessert


Christmas often comes with very traditional desserts. Christmas pudding and mince pies will forever be our favorites at heart, but it might be exciting to serve something new alongside them. Whether you head to your favorite magazine for inspiration or search endless boards on Pinterest for something a little different, you’ll have lots of fun. And your guests will be delighted.

Give The Trimmings The Start Treatments


Christmas dinner is something we all look forwards to. It would be a shame to scrap the whole tradition and go with something completely avant-garde. So, instead of being too daring this festive season, why not just experiment with the trimmings you offer. Side dishes at Christmas are some of the most exciting of all. Old favorites will forever be old favorites, but sometimes, you can play around with them to create something a lot more interesting and as equally delicious.

Create Canapés Everyone Will Love


During the holidays, there are so many events, parties, and gatherings – all of which usually require food and drinks. Not every occasion will require a formal sit down dinner; many only warrant canapés or nibbles. But those are the foods we love the most, right? Instead of sticking to blinis or vol au vents, why not give your snacks a modern twist. Mini burgers and elegant bruschettas are comfort foods made in a clever way – everyone will be talking about them for Christmas’ to come.

Give Your Cocktails a Christmas Twist


And what would the festive season be without a little tipple or two? At Christmas, everyone has their favorite drink and can often stick to it. Wine is served, and champagne flows. But have you ever thought of serving your own Christmas cocktails? There are plenty of recipes to follow online, or you can even throw together something of your own. Just head to an online store like The Liquor Barn, stock up on the spirits you might need and get mixing. It’ll be lots of fun trying to find the right recipe for you!

Pimp The Leftovers


It sounds a little crazy, but sometimes, the best thing about Christmas food are the leftovers. There’s always lots of them and there’s plenty to go around. Creating meals for days is always part of the fun, but what about trying something new? Everyone has their favorite pizza topping, but could you create something Christmas inspired? It might just beat out the turkey curry tradition and become a firm favorite!


  • June S.

    (Fun Foodie Ideas To Play Around With This Christmas) These are all some great Christmas foodie ideas for the upcoming holidays. I really like the jazz up the dessert section a lot.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    These are great ideas. They look so festive. I will be giving some of these suggestions a try for my meal

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