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Four Smart Bathroom Upgrade Ideas for Your Home

Some bathroom products are smarter than others – a bit like humans, really! If you are hoping to upgrade your bathroom and bring it up to date with the latest technology, then there are many smart, modern products you can use to achieve the results that you want. Whether you want futuristic bathroom furniture, a high-tech toilet or a super smart bathroom suite to save water and energy, there’s something out there for you. You can also enjoy your bath paired with the perfect bathroom scents. 

#1. Japanese Style Toilets:

If you’ve ever been to Japan then you’ll know that their toilets are decades ahead of everyone else – and the good news is that there’s nothing stopping you from getting one in your own home. Smart toilets are definitely a thing today and there’s so much that they can do. They are packed with various functions to ensure that each visit to the loo leaves you feeling fresh and clean – and what’s better is that you can even get one that cleans itself. If you want a toilet that lifts and shuts down the lid for you, flushes without you having to touch it or automatically saves energy, this is the product for you. 

#2. Smart Showers:

If saving water and energy is your biggest concern then get your bathroom, shower room or wet room fitted with a smart shower. Check out for a wide range of modern shower options – these are certainly one of the most advanced pieces of bathroom furniture available today. Thermostatic smart showers offer a range of luxury settings to ensure that you enjoy a great shower every time while keeping energy and water waste to a minimum. Or go a step further and install a futuristic digital shower in your home. 

#3. Sleek, Smart Furniture:

While there’s not a lot on the market just yet in terms of smart furniture – you might have to wait a while for a video-playing vanity unit or a touchscreen tall boy – you can get sleek, modern furniture that will go well with any other smart additions to your bathroom. Keep an eye out for handless bathroom furniture; this usually creates an ultra-modern finish and consider upgrading to an anti-bacterial coating to keep your bathroom fresher for longer. Simply adding taps that sense when you need to wash your hands can make your bathroom feel much more modern and luxurious. 

#4. Smart Baths:

A luxurious bath is an essential item in your bathroom as a place to relax and calm both your body and mind. Upgrading to a smart tub will take your bathing experience one step further – many come with a range of fancy features like whirlpool settings, with jets positioned perfectly to soothe tired muscles and help you relax after a long day. While they may not be as smart as some home products available these days, they can certainly be a luxurious upgrade to your bathroom and ensure that your standard bathtub isn’t just something to hold water. 

Are you considering making some smart upgrades to your bathroom? Which products would you love to have in your home?

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