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8 Tips to Pair Wine and Soup

8 Tips to Pair Wine and Soup

Soups are classy and easy dishes for serving and can be a perfect addition to any meal. But, if you are serving them for dinner or lunch then pairing them with the right wine will only enhance their taste and effect. However, it is considered to be hard pairing soups with wine because of the dish’s texture. Both of them are liquids. And for this reason they do not seem to be matched perfectly. But, this article will break the myths and help you match your soups with a glass of the best white and red wines on your table.

  1. Beyond texture. It is a common thing to think of soups as liquids, but what about crème-soups or chunky stews? Yes, they also exist. So when you plan to get a bottle of wine online think not about the texture but about the ingredients of your soup to match them with the wine.
  2. Weight. If you are making more weighty soups like hearty stews and chowders then you can opt for more full-bodied and robust wines than you would choose for simple delicate vegetable soups.
  3. Sherry. According to best white wines experts Sherry will always be an ideal staple and ‘all-rounder’ for a wide range of smooth textured soups. Owing to its fortified taste it offers a perfect contrast to the smoothness and ‘liquid-ness’ of the soup.
  4. No tannic wines with tomatoes. Tomatoes are naturally high in acid, this is why it is better to get a bottle of high acid wine online without much tannin.
  5. Cream soups like acidity. With cream soups it is better to choose a medium to high acid best white wines. The final choice of your bottle should depend on the garnish (if any is used).
  6. Protein based soups are versatile. If you are making a protein-based soup such as fish, meat or pulses one, then here you can be guided by the general rules of pairing wine with any regular non-liquid protein dish. Exactly at this point experts advise to pay attention to the main ingredient’s texture, spices used as well as other ingredients that you put into the soup. Do not be afraid to get creative!
  7. Experiment. Of course, listen to the guidelines above, but remember that people may have different tastes and therefore opinions on matching. So do not be afraid to risk and try some new combinations in order to surprise your guests.
  8. Don’t Panic. Generally, people love white wines they choose and believe that they match with soups perfectly. In case it happened not to be a perfect pair, do not panic and just serve some additional bread to avert crisis.

As you can see, there is no secret or too complicated algorithm of pairing best white wines with soups of different textures, ingredients and tastes. Be creative, be brave, be decisive and try different things for your table. But keep the tips from above in mind and your soups will always have unique tastes!

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