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Samsung Galaxy S9 was released officially on March 16, 2018, and already looks promising to take the title of Best Phone in 2018. While the phone’s physical design is not much different from the Galaxy S8 released last year, it has some little tweaks here and there that make it the best android phone in 2018. Samsung has taken care of accidental smudges on the Galaxy’s camera by moving the fingerprint scanner from beside the camera to below it. The inclusion of a MicroSD card slot, making its memory expandable, gives the company an edge over Apple and its iPhone.

Here are facts about 2018’s hottest phone:

Physical changes in design

My friend has been looking for a new phone after her son recently lost his whilst on holiday. Luckily, I told her about mobile tracker India and they managed to find it, but the phone was broken so he wants a new one anyway!! I told her to check out the S9. While the S9 looks quite similar in appearance to previous versions of the Galaxy, there very distinct differences between it and its predecessors. The new Galaxy is made of new 7000 series aluminum to make it more sturdy, and its glass is thicker to avoid easy cracking. Samsung Galaxy 9 is thicker than its previous versions, but also shorter and narrower. AKG specially designs the sound quality – an acoustics expert, and Dolby Atmos, giving it loud and clear sound.

The SuperSpeed Dual Pixel camera

The Galaxy S9 is the only smartphone camera ever to have two apertures, one for scenes that are well lit and another for low lit scenes. In well-lit scenes, the phone automatically adjusts to the f/2.4 aperture to capture photos while it uses the f/1.5 for badly lit scenes. The camera also processes data right on the sensor using a DRAM chip with the result being quality photos. It is also able to blur a photo’s background automatically and has excellent video capture.

Dedicated fingerprint for secured files

The Galaxy phone comes with the option of a Secure Folder where you can hide apps and files separately from the rest. Once moved, the files can only be accessed by using a passcode or a fingerprint. The new phone, however, offers the choice of using a different fingerprint from the one you use to unlock the phone. This not only improves the security of the files but also adds fun to all of it. The only challenge might be in remembering which fingerprint unlocks which type of access. You can find more information at factsd.com

Google Translate powers Bixby

Samsung has their own intelligence platform in the form of Bixby. With the Galaxy S9, you just have to hold the camera over a menu, and it will translate it to you in real time. This makes you have an easy experience reading menus. The shocker is that Bixby doesn’t do all the dirty work of translating stuff, Google Translate does, and it is doing an awesome job at it.

DeX pad improvement

In the previous versions, you couldn’t listen to music through the headphones as the jack was rendered inaccessible whenever you were using your Galaxy phone as a desktop. This is a thing of the past now. You no longer have to rely on Bluetooth when using the Dex as the headphone jack is still accessible in S9.


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