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Factors to Check When Looking for a Graduation Yard Sign     

Celebratory yard signs are a fun and creative way of congratulating a loved one on their graduation. If you have been having a challenging time combing through the search engine results for graduation yard signs near me, this article is here to make the decision easier for you. 

During the pandemic, the yard sign has boomed. According to a report, some colleges are opting for an in-person graduation ceremony with extensive safety measures in place, while many have opted to go the virtual way. 

And this is why having a personalized graduation yard sign could help lift the spirits of a graduate and make their day memorable.

Factors to Check When Looking for a Graduation Yard Sign

Variety of Design Options

If you have never heard about or seen celebratory yard signs before, you may be at a loss regarding design and layout options. A sign company should have an extensive design catalog you can browse through before finalizing one.  

It would help if there were a local designer you could talk to and get some sign ideas before completing the payment process. 


If you have a particular design in mind and know exactly the kind of sign you want to use, the sign company should be able to accommodate your request. 

See if you can change the message to a funny anecdote or add the themed graphics according to an individual’s interest. 

Setup Process

When you are looking for a ‘graduation yard signs near me’ on Google, ask about the installation and removal process. The idea is to have the complete sign set up correctly and not just source materials for the yard sign. 

If you are planning a surprise for a friend in a different city, it may not be possible for you to be present at the location. Hence, go with a company that will handle the process from start to end.

Refund/ Reschedule Policies

You have picked up the perfect design for your loved one’s graduation day, and the sign company is present at the location. But, what happens to the sign when the weather plays havoc? What happens if the sign cannot be set up due to severe weather conditions like strong winds or extreme rain?

The sign company should provide you with a full refund or reschedule the setup according to your choice.


What is your budget for the yard sign? The prices of these signs will differ according to the city you live in. Enquire about different packages they offer. A basic graduation sign will include a congratulatory message, along with a name and some themed graphics.

The more customizations you opt for, the more your budget will be.

When going through the results of your query about ‘graduation yard signs near me’ look for locally available companies. First, go through their design catalog for some inspiration. Next, enquire if they can fulfill special orders. Finally, choose a company that will take care of installing and taking the sign down. Surprise a loved one today and make their day special with a graduation yard sign. 

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  • Edna Williams

    Celebratory yard signs are such an awesome way to share your happiness with others! Never thought much about what you should consider when getting one. Thanks so much for this article!

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