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Dog Discussions: Does Group Dog Training Work?

While the exact number isn’t clear, households with dogs could include nearly half of all homes in the US. That is tens of millions of dogs across the nation. While some of those dogs live out in the countryside and mostly interact with their human families, many of them live in towns and cities.

That close proximity to other dogs and strangers often means you must get your dog some kind of training. Training helps acclimate them to other dogs and strangers. The question becomes, what kind of training?

For some owners, the answer is group dog training. Are you wondering if it works? Keep reading to discover what you need to know.

Does Group Dog Training Work?

For many new dog owners, that’s the first and foremost question in their minds. They might have heard from other dog owners about how private dog training changed their dog’s behavior. They may wonder if they can expect results from an environment with other dogs and owners.

The short answer is yes, dog group classes do work. Think of it like the difference between one-on-one instruction and classroom instruction for humans. Learning happens in both circumstances.

There are exceptions, of course. If your dog has a specific issue that needs intensive work, a few private lessons may generate faster results. You should discuss these issues with a dog trainer in advance before selecting an option.

Benefits of Dog Training Group Classes

Let’s say you and the trainer settle on group dog training for your pup. What benefits can you expect to see?

Most initial dog training classes focus on basic obedience. The general goal is for your dog to learn what you might think of as manners. So, that can mean they learn to bark less often, stop jumping, and heel.

You also get the benefit of exposure. Your dog will see and interact with other dogs under more controlled circumstances, which can help reduce unwarranted aggression in public. They’ll also see and interact with other people, which will hopefully make them less nervous around others.

Picking Group Dog Training

Picking a trainer or school for your pup is generally nothing more than an Internet search away. You can search for group dog training near me and make a short list of the nearby facilities or trainers. You can look up reviews for the individual trainers or the school at large.

You can also ask around and see if anyone you know can recommend a good dog trainer.

Group Dog Training and You

Some people may worry that taking their dog in for group dog training will alter their dog’s personality in some harmful way. Unless you happen to encounter a truly terrible trainer, that shouldn’t happen.

The trainer’s goal is generally to help your dog learn new behaviors that will help it navigate encounters with other dogs and people more successfully. As an added bonus, your dog will likely also lose behaviors that frustrate you at home.

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