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As a busy mom I find myself constantly on the go running the kids to and from school, making breakfast, packing lunches, cleaning, getting dinner ready, taking care of my furry family members, helping the kids with their homework, getting the kids bathed and ready for bed and so much more. Keep in mind that I am doing all of this while working full time and trying to find a second for myself which seems impossible and in the midst of all of this….who has the time to get sick? I know that I don’t as we all know that there are no sick days for moms and dads, and with the kiddos in school and the stresses of the holidays in full swing, it is bound to happen to the best of us which is why I have to share Amwell with you all as they are the perfect solution to the busy lives we live today.

Last week I found myself feeling a bit under the weather while I was trying to get the kids out the door and on their way to school. I had a busy day mapped out and being sick simply was not an option. I decided to use Amwell which is an at-home solution to urgent care and one that I am very familiar with and trust, as I have used their services in the past. Amwell is a life saver for sure as I was able to hop on a quick video call with a doctor after I got back home from dropping the kids off at school and after a quick online visit he called in a prescription for me and I was on my way to tackle my day with no time lost. Seriously… it is the best thing ever and I 100% recommend their services to everyone that I know.


A bit about Amwell…..Amwell (American Well) is a 24/7 resource for you and your family as it provides the perfect solution for health care with the busy lives we live today. When you need urgent care, you need it right away and what better way to access it than from the comfort of your own home. Think about it… wouldn’t you rather see a doctor from the comfort of your own home rather than have to go to your doctors office and possibly expose yourself to additional germs and illness? Plus who has the time? Amwell complements in-person care beautifully and it is important to stress that this is not a replacement for real emergency situations but rather the perfect way to get a visit in from the comfort of your home in the event you are feeling under the weather. Examples of this are if you have a fever, cold and flu, allergies, sinus infections, stomach bugs, aches, a UTI, pediatric services and it is also perfect for when you are traveling.

So what do you think of Amwell (American Well)? Are they not the most convenient thing to happen to health care since like ever?!? Seriously…. if you are feeling under the weather and are in need of urgent care, take advantage of the services that Amwell provides as you can see a doctor in no time, all while remaining in the convenience and comfort of your own home. Amwell is the perfect solution to your urgent care needs and it cannot be any easier as you simply log in and schedule an appointment with an amazing Doctor to receive the care and advice you are looking for without having to go visit an actual Doctor’s office. Amwell (American Well) is amazingly convenient and is truly the solution for today’s busy families.

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