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Enjoy Fresh Sourdough Bread, Artisanal Pastries & Fresh Pasta Delivered To Your Door with Wildgrain PLUS Save $30 On Your First Box!

My Savvy Review Of The Wildgrain Monthly Subscription Box

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I am a foodie. I am a foodie through and through and absolutely love food and creating delicious meals for me and my family to enjoy. One thing that I do wish I could do is bake fresh bread. When I was growing up my stepfather made homemade bread regularly and the amazing scent that wafted throughout the house was unbelievable and then eating that homemade fresh bread that is still warm from the oven… there is nothing quite like it. For these reasons… I decided to give Wildgrain and their monthly subscription box a try as they provide ‘bake-from-frozen’ sourdough breads, artisanal pastries and fresh pastas that you can enjoy from Freezer to table in 25 minutes or less. Every item you receive in their box bakes in 25 minutes or less, so that you can enjoy homemade bread & pastries anytime… easily and conveniently. The best part… I get that fabulous scent wafting throughout my kitchen when I am baking these delicious breads and I get the pleasure of feasting on homemade breads & more and without all of the work!


Wildgrain came to be from the co-founders, Johanna and Ismail. They started Wildgrain because they were looking for clean and high-quality carbs for their family. They spent months replacing stale supermarket breads, pastas and pastries with their own homemade recipes which focused on clean ingredients and artisanal processes that provide important nutritional benefits. Along the way, they learned that others were looking for something like this and hence… Wildgrain was born! They now proudly partner with small bakers and pasta makers across the US to keep the tradition of nutritious and artisanal food alive in our broken food system. I just love this story and with my love of bread, pastries and fresh pasta it is the perfect fit for me. Heck… bread and pasta has always been my favorite food group and now with these delicious products from Wildgrain, I can enjoy them with my family and not feel guilty as they are clean and nutritious.


OK… so the first thing I made out of my Wildgrain monthly subscription box is their amazing Sourdough bread. It is a favorite in my household for sure and it’s perfection sliced with a bit of butter. Right now… when you order the Wildgrain subscription box, you can enjoy Sourdough Bread FREE for life when you order today. That is right… you will receive a free loaf of their delicious Sourdough Bread in every monthly subscription box, forever….  once you sign up!


There really is no better time than now to enjoy the wholesome goodness that Wildgrain provides. It is super convenient as it’s delivered to your door each month and I never hesitated after reading so many positive reviews… in fact they have well over 2000 5-star reviews which speaks volumes. Add to that the fact that by ordering from Wildgrain, you are supporting the best small bakeries from around the United States AND for every new Wildgrain member they donate 6 meals to the greater Boston Food Bank. You are doing good for yourself and others!

So what do you think? Don’t the pictures of my first loaf of Sourdough look amazing?! I will be making more of the items I received in my first Wildgrain subscription box and will be sharing with you in a few days. There are some fresh pastas I will be making, more loaves of bread and delicious Orange Cranberry Biscuits that look fabulous…. so make sure to check back in. And remember… you can skip a month whenever you want and you can cancel at anytime. Order today and begin enjoying the benefits of sourdough without all of the work. Their clean ingredients and long fermentation process provide health benefits that you will not find in your local grocers. Check Wildgrain out for yourself today by ordering your first box & Save $30 With Code DSAVVY30 at the checkout!


Take $30 OFF Your First Wildgrain Box with code DSAVVY30 At The Checkout!


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