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Enjoy A Wheeled Carry-On Suitcase & Garment Bag In One With The SkyRoll Spinner! @SkyRoll_luggage @SMGurusNetwork

Enjoy A Wheeled Carry-On Suitcase & Garment Bag In One With The SkyRoll Spinner! @SkyRoll_luggage @SMGurusNetwork

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I love to travel and will be taking a short but awesome trip soon to visit family for the upcoming holidays which is why I am super excited to share the SkyRoll Spinner from SkyRoll Luggage with everyone that I know! I cannot wait to use the SkyRoll Spinner on my upcoming trip as it is an ingenious wheeled carry-on suitcase and garment bag in one which provides you with all of the room needed for a short trip and then some. This is such a cool piece and for so many reasons that I will explain below but first check out this You Tube video which gives you an idea of what the SkyRoll Spinner is all about.

The SkyRoll Spinner is a suitcase designed for traveling with long dresses, dress pants, men’s suits, dress shirts and more. Suit jackets over a size 40 are too big for the garment bag, but anything under that size is perfect and will fit beautifully into the attached garment bag. The SkyRoll Spinner works like a standard carry-on suitcase, except large clothing items can go into the garment bag that wraps around the outside of the suitcase. The garment bag is a really nice size and also has some zippered pockets that you can use for ties, socks, scarfs and additional accessories.

To use the SkyRoll Spinner simply lay it on a flat surface such as your bed. Un-clip the 3 ending clips that are located on the left hand side of the unit.

Now you can un-clip the garment bag from the suitcase and move the suitcase out of the way so that you can unzip the garment bag to pack your suits, dresses or other large garments. 

After loading the garment bag, zip it up and place ties, scarves or other small items into the mesh pockets on the inside of the garment bag.

Now you can pack the suitcase as you would any traditional suitcase. There is a handy pocket for a pair or two of shoes as well inside the suitcase compartment. This is really roomy and held a lot more than I thought it would especially since I used the garment bag for so many of my favorite pieces. Once packed simply zip up the compartment and then wrap the garment bag that you have packed, around the suitcase. This will be secure and snug once you clip the garment bag into place with the 3 end clips. 

Now that the main compartment and garment bag are packed and secure you can stand the suitcase upright and get into the top section which is where you will find the toiletry bag plus handy spaces to keep your tech items and other small items safe and sound. You can remove the toiletry bag to pack with all of your beauty and skincare essentials and then put it to the side. 

Now you can utilize all of the pouches and zippered pockets that this space provides for important items like your cell phone, camera, jewelry, paperwork, trinkets and more. There is also a spot for a pen or pencil and the flap located on back side lifts up and reveals a compartment that is padded to store and protect your 15″ laptop or tablet which is just awesome. 

Once you have your laptop or tablet safely placed in its inner pocket you can replace your toiletry bag and zip it up. Now you are all set and packed and everything you need can go with you on your flight as this is sized to be a carry on bag. I love carrying on my bag as I have had mine lost before with the check in option and there is nothing worse than not having your essentials…. plus you do not have to pay for checked baggage fees which is even better! 

Now you are all set and your SkyRoll Spinner is ready to go! How awesome is that?

 I can tell you that I love all that the SkyRoll Spinner can do and cannot wait for my trip this Holiday Season so that I can use it. I love that I can use the garment bag for all of my favorite dresses, pants and dress tops and then simply wrap it around the suitcase to optimize my packing space in the internal compartments. The matching toiletry kit that the bag comes with is a wonderful addition as it is the perfect size for all of my essentials and keeps everything organized and safe until I am ready to use them. The internal padded laptop/tablet sleeve is a major plus as I can take my technology with me on the go while it remains safe and secure. Plus I love that the top door allows me to get to my laptop, phone or any other essentials that are packed away in the top compartment, while in flight or on the go. The spinner wheels are fabulous and make for easy rolling without tilting which I love, plus I have to stress how beautifully made this piece is. The quality and craftsmanship are top notch and the fabric used to make this bag is a 1200 denier water-resistant ballistic fabric which makes it amazingly durable.

So what do you think of the Skyroll Spinner? Do you love it as much as I do? I have to stress that this makes an awesome gift for anyone on your shopping list and especially someone that loves to travel or that travels regularly for work or leisure and I am sure it will be their favorite gift received. Make sure you check out the SkyRoll Spinner for yourself and visit SkyRoll Luggage on social media as well!


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  • MD Kennedy

    Years ago this would have been the suitcase of my dreams! I used to travel all the time for work. Now my travels are pleasure only and I avoid any trip that would require a long dress for me or a suit for my husband!

  • Tamra Phelps

    This does look nice. I really like that it has wheels. That can make it much easier to maneuver around when traveling.

  • Lauryn R

    What an awesome suitcase! I love all of the features and the fact that it has wheels and a place for your laptop! This is definitely perfect for those who travel a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cindy Kuykendall

    This is one awesome suitcase. Now that I am older carring my suitcase is a real job but with the
    SkyRoll Spinner Wheeled I can just pull it along behind me with ease. It will make traveling a lot easier for me.

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