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Enjoy a Revolutionary and Sustainable Clean with The 2XL Windup!

Do you love having a home that is clean and organized like myself? About 2 years ago my husband and I bought a new home and we have been working on making it our own. We have been updating spaces throughout and making it extra fabulous. I love to do work in our home including cleaning it regularly as ensuring that is is clean and ready for a visit at any time for me is a must. That is how my mom did it and I have kept that routine in play as it works. We know cleaning can be a chore and you may not want to do it all of the time but what if I had a device that makes cleaning your floors fun and supper easy to do!? In comes 2XL Windup revolutionary cleaning tool!. I jumped at the chance to work with 2XL Corp to review their 2XL Windup which is a fabulous and groundbreaking new device that can not only clean your floors but that also disinfects them via their self-advancing microfiber roll that you never have to touch and 1 of their microfiber cleaning roll cleans up to 20,000 Sq feet of space which is equivalent to roughly 70+ traditional cleaning pads that are used with other convenience mops. I love that and the best part is that this mop is a sustainable cleaning solution due to the fact that you are not purchasing tons of pads that you will throw into the trash when done. You have a microfiber cleaning roll that lasts and eliminates those unnecessary cleaning pads. Let’s take a look at this video and below I will discuss why I am loving this mop.

Take a look at this video…..

Pretty cool right!? This thing is so easy to use and I mopped up my kitchen floors in a matter of minutes. The Windup works perfectly and I have already I placed it into my cleaning closet so that I can grab it and clean up my floors anytime that they need it. Let’s take a look at the features the Windup a must have for every home…..

Revolutionary Floor Cleaner

The Windup is a revolutionary floor cleaner and I mentioned that above. This bad boy can handle all of your cleaning needs on you floors and hard surfaces. As mentioned before it cleans so beautifully & disinfects at the same time due to the fabulous microfiber cleaning roll that you never have to touch. This cleaning tool is equal to up to 70 cleaning pads from the leading brands which mean you do not have to continuously buy expensive pads which saves you lots of money. This bad boy is designed to clean without costing you a fortune and without sacrificing a thorough and effective clean.

Go Beyond Your Average Clean With The Push of a Button

The Windup is super easy to use and it does a better job than anything that I have had the pleasure of using. I love that provides a continuous feed button… so when you want turn the microfiber roll so that you have a fresh surface….. just push the button and it does that automatically for you. Not only does it have a continuous feed spool via the push of a button but it also has a push button sprayer on the ergonomic handle as well and this is all due to 2XL’s ingenious design that takes cleaning beyond the average and that will get you into the future of clean.

The Many Reasons I Love the Windup:

Refillable Cleaning Fluid Reservoir

When cleaning, simply fill the reservoir with 2XL’s own multi-surface disinfection cleaning solution or you can use your own. Pretty simple and I used my Force of Nature cleaner in it and it worked beautifully!

Quick Release Roll Ejector Makes Refilling Easy

This feature I love as you never have to touch the used up roll when replacing it. Simply hit the button to eject it and then replace with a fresh clean cloth roll, instead of handling soiled materials. I eject it right over the garbage can and it drops right in!

Ergonomic Handle Puts Technology At Your Fingertips

I love the handle on the Windup. It is an ingenious and ergonomically designed handle shape that allows you to maneuver it around anywhere that you need it to go. You can even push it upside down! The ergonomically handle is also where you will find that cleaning fluid dispenser button, auto roll advance button and the handle fits perfectly on the included wall mounted hanger making storage a breeze.

Self Advancing Roll

The design of the Windup is perfection. When you push the Botton on the handle for the self advancing roll…. you simply enjoy a fresh new surface at the touch of a button which means you can get cleaning done in a fraction the time and will have less waste which is very important to me.

Uniquely Angled Head

As you can see in the pictures…..the Windup features a uniquely designed head that makes the Windup the cleaning success that it is. This unique design is why the Windup can successfully grab the dirt and debris that you want cleaned up, rather than just pushing it around and making more of a mess.

Double Sided Cleaning with Inversion Sensor

This is a cool feature and you can simply flip your Windup for cleaning in hard to reach, tight spaces and the fabulous inversion sensor prevents the cleaning fluids from leaking out in this inverted position. I love this feature as turning the Windup upside down is perfection for cleaning those tight spaces in my kitchen.

Saves You Time

With the Windup you can end the hassle of constantly starting and then stopping, just to change out this dirty pads. One Windup Roll is equivalent to 70 or more refill pads for competing products which means the Windup lets you clean more surface area for less money and saves you time too! It truly makes cleaning easy and even fun to use and the best part its you never have to touch a stinky, dirty cleaning pad again.

Can Clean The Toughest Of Messes

Due to the Windups unique design in combination with its continuous roll design that provides you with a clean, new surface at the press of a button, means that you can keep rolling without smearing the mess all around. The prevailing nature of the Windup means that you can KEEP on going when to comes to cleaning, from room to room without having to stop at all. The windup is constructed with something that the team at 2XL likes to call “Downforce” which is an ability to pick up and clear all dirt while not smearing or spreading it around. That makes the Windup so much better than traditional mops.

Proven Clean

The Windup was designed with its customers in mind, and offers a next level of clean without interruption which speaks volumes for us busy families. There is no more time wasted when using the Windup as there is no more touching dirty cloths, cleaning smears and no more rinsing. The efficiency and effectiveness of the Windup is unmatched and is a must have for every and all households!

So what do you think of the Windup by 2XL? Anything that saves me time and money is good by me and I love that this is also sustainable as you only purchase an occasional new microfiber cleaning roll versus 70 PLUS of the competitors cleaning pads which is good for you, your pocket and the planet. Check out the Windup today and keep in mind that this makes the ultimate gift for Newlyweds, families and anyone that has a space to clean! It is the ultimate Christmas Gift so check out the Windup online and visit their social media channels too!


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