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Enjoy A Home Cooking Class Taught By Your Neighbors With LocalBites

If you stop by an visit my site often, then you know I love cooking. I love cooking my family recipes and I love trying new recipes and cuisines which is why I am loving LocalBites. LocalBites is a platform that was created to bring communities together via food. Here you will enjoy a hosting community of cooking classes and experiences and it is the absolute perfect way to add a new dish to your cooking routine via virtual home cooking classes PLUS if you want to share your own delicious recipes that you want to share by hosting your own online home cooking class. This is a great way to earn extra income in your free time doing what you love and by hosting virtual cooking classes and in person cooking classes.

I am loving LocalBites as I have been feeling a bit bored in the kitchen and can use some fresh inspiration via new delicious recipes. With LocalBites I can add a new dish to my cooking rotation and exposure cuisines from around the world. I live on Long Island, outside of NYC so using this platform is the perfect choice as I can join in on cooking classes with my neighbors and the endless varieties of what I can learn to cook are bountiful.

You can learn bread basics….which is something that I would love to learn as well as virtual online classes for meals like Curry Khaosa, The Magic Of Paella, Plant Based Tacos and more. At LocalBites you can also enjoy one on one cooking classes in the comfort of your own home which is fabulous and a great way to explore world cuisines. You will find things like a class for Ethiopian Cuisine, another class for Flatbreads, various Ramen dishes, Japanese Curry, Moroccan Meatballs with Couscous and so much more. Scheduling the class is super easy, juts pick which class you want to take and then you will be brought to the screen in which you select your date and time. Below is what the screen will look like when scheduling a class.

LocalBites is also the perfect platform for you to earn extra cash by hosting cooking classes of your own. If you have delicious recipes to share… then LocalBites is for you as you can host virtual cooking classes and make extra income doing what you love which is a win win.

So what do you think of LocalBites? Are you like me and a lover of delicious food and cuisines from around the globe? Would you like to explore new recipes and cuisines via virtual cooking classes done online from your neighbors? Well LocalBites is for you and not only that…. but you can sign up to host your own home cooking classes and earn extra income too. Check out LocalBites and right now take advantage of 5% Off Migrant Cooking Classes at LocalBites ~ Simply use code DELICIOUSLYSAVVY at the checkout.

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