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Echelon Rowing Machine Vs Concept 2

Have you gained weight in all the wrong places because of staying at home for too long? Do you want to snap back, live a healthier lifestyle, or lose a few pounds to achieve your ideal body weight and look your best?

Well, it’s time to learn a new skill and make the rower your new favorite workout machine. Whether you are a fitness newbie or you have been hitting the gym for many years now, using a rowing machine can conveniently improve your daily workout sessions and if you are consistent in your workouts, you will be able to see results in just two weeks.  

One of the common misconceptions many individuals have about rowing exercises is that they only benefit the upper body alone. This is simply not true because the bulk of the rowing strokes is actually accomplished by pushing the legs and the core. 

Rowing exercises give you a total body workout with little or no impact. This means that you can burn so many calories without adding extra stress to your joints. For individuals struggling with joint problems such as early osteoarthritis and cannot be able to run or perform powerful aerobic exercises due to the high impact, rowing exercises are perfect and can be endured for a long time.

Apart from building your endurance, rowing exercises will also strengthen your muscles and will also provide some surprising results for your lungs, blood vessels, and heart. With one exercise machine, you’ll get yourself a full body workout.

For you to achieve results from rowing, you will need to invest in the best rowing machine. Currently, the Echelon Smart Rower and Concept 2 are trending in the fitness market. However, these two machines are not identical and therefore you must do your research in order to identify the best machine that will suit your fitness needs and budget. 

Before you make a purchase, be sure to check out this informative and detailed review of the Echelon Smart rower by Paul Sandford and see for yourself why this machine is a step above everything you have seen in the market so far. 

Here are a few similarities and differences between the Echelon Smart Rower and Concept 2.

1. The Echelon Rower Provides Live and On-Demand Rowing Workouts

Probably the biggest selling point for the Echelon smart rower is the ability to provide live and on-demand fitness workouts from the comfort of your home. If you’ve been working out for a while now, you have probably experienced the incredible motivation a live workout can bring. The Echelon smart rower aims to bring the live gym experience to the comfort of your home especially during this Covid 19 season when you may not feel very comfortable going back to the local gym. 

With the Echelon Smart rower, you will be able to access the latest live stream for gym classes in seconds and all you have to do is simply hop onto your rower, join the class that is going on live and enjoy yourself to better health. 

Once you become a member of the Echelon community you can pick the best workout for your needs and remember the classes are updated on a daily basis. The growing library of classes is highly motivating as it provides endless training options to exercise your body in different ways. 

Secondly, it is important to note that the Echelon classes are targeted at specific goals. This means that you can choose a class for fat burning, gaining endurance, muscle toning, and many other classes. If you are a beginner and you’ve never used the Echelon Smart rower before, you can start by going through the training video so that you are better informed on how to complete your routine. 

The Concept 2 rower on the other hand isn’t as tech-focused as the Echelon Smart rower. Even though you can compare your progress against other gym enthusiasts worldwide using the Concept 2 online logbook, you will be working out on your own without any guidance from an instructor.

2. The Echelon Rower Is Foldable and Can Save On Space

If storage space is a challenge in your home, then you will love the Echelon Smart rower. Concept 2 and the Echelon smart rower are almost similar in size but the Echelon can be folded up and stored. The Echelon can also be stored vertically while keeping everything on its exact spot and after that, it can be squeezed into closets and other tiny spaces. 

Concept 2 on the other hand needs to be separated into two parts to allow for easy storage. It also has transport wheels and this makes it very convenient for home gyms. 

3. The Echelon Rower Requires Less Maintenance

In terms of resilience and strength, both the Concept 2 and the Echelon smart rower are backed by very strong warranties since they are both built to last. However, when it comes to maintenance, the Concept 2 rower will need a little more servicing since it has a semi-exposed nickel chain that will need to be lubricated regularly.

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