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5 Hacks to Make Your Own Mouthwatering and Money Saving Pambazo Recipe

Did you know it is really easy to bring the mouthwatering flavors of Mexican street food to your own home? Did you know that you can also create this scrumptious food on a budget? All you need are a few ingredients with some hints and tips, which we can provide. 

One of the lesser-known Mexican street foods is the fantastic Pambazo sandwich. Read on to hear our must know pambazo recipe along with 5 money-saving hacks. 

The Pambazo Recipe

To begin, we will outline the simple process of the Pambazo sandwich. It starts with the bread, a hardy, tough loaf that can withstand punishment. This is because once it is filled, it is dipped in a delicious chili sauce. 

This dipped sandwich is then fried to toast the outside. If you think it sounds simple, it really is, and you can make it even tastier with our hacks. 

1. Use Crusted Loaves

The actual Pambazo bread is quite hard to get outside of Mexico. For this reason, you need to find a viable substitute, usually a telero roll. It needs to be something that can withstand a dip in sauce, followed by a shallow fry, and manage to retain its shape without falling apart.

Ideally, the bread will have a crusty outside. Alternatively, it is a great way to use any rolls that are about to turn. 

2. Make Your Own Sauce

This sauce is so easy to create, it makes sense to make it all yourself. All you need to do is toast your choice of chilies, add half and onion and garlic. Once they have cooked, cover them with water for 10 minutes, then place it all in a blender with salt. 

This will make a delicious chili sauce that you can dip your buns in before frying. The amount of chili, or their strength, is totally up to you. If you want to try different chili sauce recipes or more Mexican foods, recipeworkbook.com is a great starting point. 

3. Make an Easy Filling

The typical filling for a Pambazo is potato and spicy chorizo. You can save even more money by substituting the chorizo with any dry, tasty sausage. Pre-cook the potato, drain them, then fry with the sausage and fill the bread before frying in the sauce. 

4. Use a Sauce Double Attack

When you fry the bread in the skillet, employ a double attack method with the sauce. You should dip the bread in the sauce and coat it evenly before frying. Fry the bread until golden brown, and for extra taste give one last spoonful of sauce over the bread while in the pan. 

5. Top With More Flavor 

Once the bread is out, you can add even more flavor. This totally depends upon your budget and mainly, what you have left lying around that needs using up. Corn, beans, iceberg lettuce, cheese, lime, coriander, and even more chili can all work excellently. 

Sour cream is not optional. It adds a coolness to the heat of the sandwich which you will need, particularly if you have just cooked it with really hot chilies!

Serve Up!

Once you have created this easy and affordable Pambazo recipe sandwich, all you have to do is serve it up. Lay it down with some jalapeno poppers, nachos, and ice-cold cerveza for a delicious lunch or evening meal. 

If you enjoyed this recipe, then we have lots more mouth-watering meal ideas on a budget. Browse our handy blog article to find everything from classic French cooking to fast food at home. Get the pan warmed, and let us tickle your tastebuds starting right now. 

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