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E-Cig Buying Guide for the Layman

E-cigarettes are a less harmful alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The electronic version of the cigarette doesn’t contain a lot of cacogenic compounds found in cigarette smoke. While they are not completely harmless, the health risks of e-cigs are a fraction of the risk of cigarette smoking. Those who are interested in e-cigs or vaping may want to check out this vape starter kit, especially if they are trying to quit smoking as it could be an excellent way to quit smoking slowly.

Nothing works better for millions of smokers around the world than e-cig in kicking the addictive habits of traditional cigarettes.

But the increasing popularity of vaping has resulted in a large number of manufacturers offering somewhat the same type of products. Selecting one is certainly not an easy walk in the park for smokers new to the scene of vaping.

Fortunately, we have listed here invaluable tips that can help you in selecting the best quality e-cigarette that provides the most gratifying vaping experience.

1. Nicotine Levels

The first thing that you should consider when selecting an e-cigarette is the nicotine level. Heavy cigarette smokers should select an e-cig brand with 24 mg cartridges.

A smaller 18 mg cartridge won’t offer adequate hit for chain cigarette smokers. However, light smokers might probably be satisfied by a 6mg nicotine cartridge or with no nicotine at all.

2. Amount of Vapor

Amount of vapor production should be your next consideration when buying an e-cigarette. Most will feel frustrated by if the e-cig device produces a small amount of vapor.

Generally, it’s better to select an e-cig that generates the most vapors. You will have the option to turn down the vapor production or even take light hits.

3. Type of e-Cigarettes

E-cigs come in two basic varieties: 2-piece traditional cigarette and ego style cigarette.

2-piece cigarettes look similar to traditional cigarettes. These have a rechargeable battery on the top and a disposable cartridge at the button. The cigarettes resemble a traditional cigarette.

Most people prefer this type of cigarettes due to the appealing design. The cigarettes are the first generation introduced in the market about a decade ago. The cartridge contains the e-liquid with the nicotine level of your choice. The markten is an example of a classic cigarette. This is the type of cigarettes that you should select if you want a cigarette with minimum maintenance.

You don’t have to deal with mixing and maintaining the e-cigs. Each cartridge of the e-cig has an equivalent of about two packs of traditional cigarette giving up to 400 puffs.

The other type is the ego style e-cigarette. These have a larger battery and larger tank that can go for a day and a half.

One of the great things about this type of e-cigs is that you can mix e-liquids with different nicotine strength and flavors. This is not unlike mixing cocktails for obtaining the best taste.

Another benefit of the ego type e-cigs is the ability to boost the voltage to get optimum vapor production and throat hit.

The ego style e-cigarette has a similar construction to the two-style e-cigarette but the tank and atomizer are separate. The benefit of the three-piece construction is that you can replace the atomizer with a more powerful one without the need to change the tank.

You can find more information here about the best e-cigarette brands.

4. Type of Vaping

You should select the right device depending on your smoking style. If you inhale smoke by first filling your mouth with smoke, you should consider buying an e-cig that supports mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. The e-cig has 1-ohm coils with more than 6mg nicotine level.

On the other hand, if you inhale smoke directly inside the lung, you need to buy an e-cig device that supports direct-lung (DL) vaping. These e-cigs have sub-ohm coils with a low level of nicotine.

5. Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is yet another important consideration when selecting an e-cig. The capacity of a battery is measured in mAh. You should consider buying a battery with a capacity of at least 1800 mAh that will last up to one day or more on a single charge. Also, you can consider buying two batteries of 900 mAh that you can swap when one of the batteries exhaust.

Alternatively, you can buy a passthrough battery that can power the tank and also charge the battery. The battery is connected through a USB allowing you to enjoy long hours of vaping.

6. Safety

An important consideration that is often looked when selecting an e-cigarette is safety. Some poor quality e-cigs have known to explode due to overcharging causing a fire.

You should read reviews to ensure that the e-cigarette is completely safe.

The best e-cigs have safety features such as auto shut-off to prevent overcharging. This reduces the risk of an explosion.

E-cigs with a plastic tank is not suggested since acid flavors can damage the plastic. Consider buying an e-cig with Pyrex, glass, or stainless steel tank. Also, avoid e-cigs with a cheap metal alloy body as it can rust and cause contamination.

In addition, you should buy an e-cig that is RoHS certified. This certification shows that the device does not have any lead content.

7. Right Flavors

You have a lot of options when it comes to buying an e-cig flavor. You can buy the traditional tobacco cigarette flavor or more exotic flavors such as cannabis concentrates, pina colada, pineapple, strawberry, apple, and more.

You can also try mixing different flavors to find out which one offers the best vaping experience. By mixing the flavors, you can create your own favorite flavors customized to provide you the perfect pleasure.

8. Reliable Brands

You should buy e-cigarettes made by reliable brands. Reputable e-cig brands have been able to build a positive reputation due to quality products.

Buying an e-cig made by an unfamiliar brand is a big risk. There is no knowing whether the e-cig has toxic lead material or exploding battery. The e-cigs may also malfunction resulting in wastage of money.

You will also have difficulty in finding parts such as atomizer or battery tank. What’s more, there is generally no manufacturer guarantee with clones.

The above tips will help you in selecting the best cigarette.

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