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Dog Breed Selector: Tips and Tricks for Finding Your Perfect Dog

The American Kennel Club recognizes 195 dog breeds  after adding another two to the list this year. So, you’ve got no shortage of choices when deciding which type of dog you’d like to welcome into your home.

If you’ve decided you’d rather have a mongrel dog, then you’ve got even more options. 

Owning a dog’s a huge responsibility and most types of dogs live for 10 years or more, so it’s important to choose a pet that fits in with your lifestyle right from the start. 

It’s impossible to go into detail about every dog breed in one article but you can narrow down your choices by considering the main classifications regarding dogs. 

Check out these dog breed selector tips to help you choose your next best friend. 

Toy Dogs

These diminutive types of dogs are great for small spaces and are generally fun to have around. They’re lively and playful but can have moments of unpredictability around children. 

Some of the best-known toy breeds include the Pug, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and poodle. 

Working Dogs

The working dog category is one of the largest, featuring dogs bred for specific purposes. 

Most of these dogs require consistent discipline and thrive best when they’ve got a job to do. If you haven’t got the time to exercise and train a dog, an animal that falls this classification isn’t the best dog breed for you. 

Take time to learn about the breed  before choosing a dog breed in this category and get advice from a local dog expert, or someone who owns that particular type of dog first. 

Terrier Breeds

Terriers come in a range of sizes but they all have big attitudes. These plucky breeds have strong personalities and need a firm hand.

If you’ve got lots of energy to share, a terrier’s a good match for you. 

Non-Sporting Dogs

This category includes dogs like Dalmations bred for very specific jobs as well as some that don’t fit in anywhere else. They’re usually easy-going and accommodating breeds that adapt well to family life and have few demands.

This group contains some of the most popular breeds like Labradors, Weimaraners, and cocker spaniels.

Mongrels and Mutts

Never underestimate a cross-bred dog. Depending on their lineage, they can make excellent pets and companions and are usually hardy and easy to please. 

If you’re thinking of getting a mixed-breed dog, your best bet is to find out more about their breeding and do your research based on that. 

The Best Dog Breed Selector

Sometimes the best dog breed selector is your gut instinct. When you visit a breeder or a rescue center and a particular dog seems to speak straight to your heart, that’s probably the right one for you. 

You should still take time to research the dog that’s taken your fancy before you commit and make sure your home is suitable for that particular breed. 

If you’re looking for ways to care for and pamper your pooch, keep browsing our blog. We consistently feature reviews on all the best dog products and tips on how to help your dog live its best life. 

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