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5 Creative Ways To Brighten Up Someone’s Day

If you have a friend or loved one who has not been well or who you simply feel needs some cheering up then this is a piece just for you. We have some great ideas here which you can use to really put a smile on someone’s face. The element of surprise alone is something which your friend or family member will love, not to mention the idea that you have taken the time and the effort to do something just for them. Let’s have a look then at some ideas which you could consider to brighten up someone’s day. 

Send a Hamper

If someone you care for has not been well then a hamper could be a great option to give them a little boost. The beauty is that you can easily arrange to have get well hampers delivered to their door, something which they won’t be expecting at all. These hampers can be filled up with gifts such as wine, chocolates, snacks and many more items, and you can customize to be filled with the things that they enjoy most. 

Get Them a Radio Shoutout 

It may sounds a little old school but if your loved one enjoys listening to the radio then perhaps you can call up and get them a shout out. Many radio DJs still give mentions to people and song dedications, and this would be a really cool way of letting someone know that you are thinking of them. 

Knock, Knock Surprise

A surprise visit is always welcome, especially if you come bearing gifts. Bringing lunch to your friend at work or at home is a great way to surprise them and give them a lovely experience that will cheer them up. As mentioned at the beginning, the idea is to show someone that you have been thinking about them, and that you have invested the time in bringing a smile to their face is often enough. 

Leave a Hidden Note

Brightening someone’s day up doesn’t always require grand gestures, and it is often the little details which have the biggest impact. One such example of this would be to security leave a note in the bag of your friend or family member, with some positive words in there about them. There is no telling when they do find it of course, but once they do they will be filled with joy at the kind words which you have written. This is also a great little surprise which nobody expects. 

Plan A Day Just For Them 

If they are really having a tough time of it then try to set a day aside for them, plan in their favorite meals and activities and delicate a day just for them. This is something which so very rarely happens to people other than when it is a birthday or some other event. In doing this you will certainly put a smile on their face and undoubtedly brighten up their day. 

Small and grand gestures to make someone feel that little bit better.  

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