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Do This One Thing Every Time You Buy E-Liquid Online

If you vape, you have one thing that you need to buy constantly: e-liquid. The one thing you want to avoid every time you buy e-liquid online – other than getting a flavor you don’t like – is spending too much money on your purchase. That’s what we’re going to focus on in this article. As it turns out, getting a fair price when you buy vape liquid online is actually quite easy, as long as you do one thing every time you buy: Use a coupon code.

Want to make it easy? Savvy merchants like E-Cigarette Empire have entire pages on their sites devoted to vape coupon codes. Why waste your time checking coupon code websites for codes that probably won’t work anyway? Good merchants know what’s up, and they want to make it easy for you to find the coupon codes you need.

In this article, we’ll explain why you should use a coupon code every time you buy e-liquid online and describe how coupon codes really work in the world of e-commerce.

Why Are Coupon Codes So Common in E-Commerce?

Have you reached the point at which you find yourself looking for a coupon code before you buy anything online? If you aren’t looking for discounts, you should be because virtually every e-commerce merchant in the world has coupon codes available these days. It’s practically a requirement. In fact, a survey of more than 5,000 e-commerce shoppers revealed that more than a third of online buyers will go somewhere else if they can’t find a coupon code when buying a product. Online business owners, in other words, know that they’re missing out on conversions if they don’t offer coupon codes. At the same time, consumers know that they’re paying too much if they aren’t using coupon codes. Shoppers who don’t use coupon codes when buying online spend an average of 37 percent more than those who do. With statistics like those, it’s no wonder business owners believe they have no chance to succeed unless they offer coupon codes.

The Problem With Coupon Codes

Online coupon codes do have a serious downside. Merchants know they have to offer them. Consumers know that, so they’ll almost always look for coupon codes before they buy. If you do a general web search for something like a vape coupon code, that’s going to send you to a website other than the one on which you’re currently shopping. From there, just about anything can happen. Maybe you’ll find a bunch of coupon codes that don’t work. You’ll become frustrated and end your shopping session because you’re afraid of paying too much. Maybe you’ll find a deal that’s even better and decide to shop elsewhere. Either way, merchants know that sending a prospective customer elsewhere is just a lost sale waiting to happen. So, what can a merchant do? Like E-Cigarette Empire, the smart merchants do everything they can to keep their prospective customers from looking elsewhere for deals. A good merchant will advertise its deals prominently on its own website. That way, there’s no need to go to a coupon code website to search for deals that probably won’t work anyway.

What Kinds of Vape Coupon Codes Can You Find Online?

The types of vape gear that you can buy online fall loosely into three categories.

*Vape mods and other devices

*Vape tanks, coils and other accessories

*Vape juice

Most of the world’s vaping hardware – such as devices, tanks and coils – comes from factories in China. The Chinese factories have plenty of competition and price their hardware as low as possible because they don’t want to miss out on sales. Vaping devices are complex electronic gadgets, though, and there’s a limit to how low the price can go for a good mod. Vaping devices are also fairly large and heavy, and it takes a while to get them from the factories to the United States. At the same time, a vaping device has a very limited shelf life. A device that’s more than a year or so old isn’t going to have a lot of consumer demand. A savvy vape shop owner needs to identify a device that’s going to be hot, buy that device in bulk and price it to move. In other words, vape shop owners don’t have much incentive to offer vape coupon codes for devices unless those devices are already past their “best by” dates and need to be moved out as quickly as possible.

Vape tanks, coils and accessories are similar; the profit margins on those items aren’t always the greatest, so merchants don’t have a lot of wiggle room on price with those items.

E-Liquid is something different. While vape hardware is commonly imported from China, most vape shops sell e-liquid made within their own shores. Since most vape shops buy e-liquid from domestic producers, shipping it is fast and inexpensive. E-liquid is also relatively cheap to make because manufacturers produce it in massive quantities. There’s enormous profit potential in e-liquid, in other words, so vape shops can price e-liquids extremely affordably and still earn money. You’re most likely to find coupon codes that will apply to your purchase when you buy e-liquid online. E-liquid is the main profit center for most vape shops, so it’s the type of product on which they really don’t want to lose conversions.

Final Thoughts on Vape Coupon Codes and Buying E-Liquid Online

As we’ve described in this article, the current climate for e-commerce buyers and sellers creates a perfect storm for those who want to buy e-liquid online. Merchants know that they need to offer coupon codes, or they’ll lose sales. Buyers know that they need to search for coupon codes, or they’ll spend too much. E-liquid is one of the most profitable items for any vape shop to sell, so if a vape shop owner is going to offer coupon codes, e-liquid is the most likely candidate for a discount. Don’t ever buy e-liquid online unless you use a coupon code!

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