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Different Ways to Use Wood in Your Home

For anyone wanting to update or renovate their home, there are many different things you will most likely be thinking about. It could be color schemes, whether to buy a new sofa or have curtains or blinds, or you might just want a refresh… and that’s before you get to your budget!

Naturally, you will get around to deciding what materials you’ll want to use and which items of furniture to include in your new-look house. Perhaps you would like to purchase hand made wooden sets from Anne Quinn Furniture? Using wood is a popular choice, but are there ways you can use it other than for tables and chairs? Indeed there are, and here are some suggestions that you may wish to use during your project.

Wall and Ceiling Decorations

This is a particularly fun way of adding some unique features to your home. You can make wall and ceiling decorations from plywood, which can include items such as clouds, birds and the sun to add some great additions to a child’s bedroom, for instance. Lights and colors can be added to enhance your designs, too.


If you’re looking to build your own storage and you want to paint your own cabinets to finish them off, then you may end up using medium-density fiberboard — or MDF. It has no equal when it comes to surfaces that will be painted and is a great choice.

Most MDF is a panel product made from wood which has been pulverised into small fibres and then heated, mixed with glue, pressed, dried and cut to size. As well as being able to paint, MDF can also have wood veneers fitted to it as a finish.

The case for your cabinet can be made out of MDF by using a number of different joinery methods. Any shelves you opt for can have profiles or painted edges, or can be edged with hardwood. You can add veneered flat panels or painted raised panels to doors, although the frames should be made of hardwood.

Wall Art, Table Updates and Headboards

Veneer is a great material for you to use for your DIY projects. There are many different ways you can decorate your home with it like a floating console table for your hallway, using old drawers and fitting veneer inside them as a background.

You can also make your own wood veneer grid wall to make a statement or update a coffee table or decorate a lampshade. There are other ways you can use veneer, too, such as abstract wall art or cut-out decorations. There’s also the option to add a veneer base to shelves or even weave your own bedroom headboard to include a natural, organic feel to the room you sleep in at night.

There will be many timber merchants such as that will be able to provide you with all the wood materials that you will need for your home DIY project.

Whether that’s veneers, MDF or plywood, you should be able to find the type of material best suited to your task. If you are not comfortable doing the task, always hire a professional instead, as they will be able to meet the requirements. If you are confident, then this DIY project is perfect. 

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  • Judy Metcalf

    I do a lot of my own woodwork in my home. Every shelf hanging on my walls were made by me. I really enjoy it.

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