Easy Wine Hacks to Make Most of Your Favorite Vino

There is nothing as refreshing as a tall glass of vino to unwind after a long tiresome day. What ruins the moment is when that glass of white wine isn’t cold enough, you accidentally spill your red wine or your trusty corkscrew breaks. That is when you wish you had a few wine hacks up your sleeves. If you don’t, here are some of them.

I don’t understand why, but I always do something wrong to waste glass or a part bottle of good wine. It’s is a pity thinking of these situations since wine is a great beverage that shouldn’t be wasted just because of handling it poorly no matter how cheap it was. The following is a list of hacks to help you enjoy every sip of your favorite wine, but also enrich your drinking experience and quality. 

How to Open Wine Without a Corkscrew

Most of us lose corkscrew whenever we want to open the wine. Another situation is when you are out camping, in a hotel, or on a picnic and you remember that you forgot to carry your wine opener. Yap, these episodes happen to every one of us every weekend. Don’t worry; you can get crafty and check out these wine opening hacks:

*You can try using a plain old key to open a bottle of wine instead. You need to insert a key into the cork at an angle and twist clockwise around the bottle. Once done, just pull out the key to remove the cork. For a better grip, you can use a towel for this corkscrew hack.

*Another hack is opening wine with a shoe by buy placing the bottle inside it. Ensure that the bottle lies where your heel usually lies and hit the shoe on a sturdy surface carefully to avoid breaking the bottle and waala! Your bottle will be opened.

How to Get a Cork Out of the Bottle when it’s broken

There are instances where you happen to remember the corkscrew, but something awkward and it drops inside the bottle. Don’t get pissed, think it as a way to challenge your wine hacks and a find a quick solution so that you can get back to enjoying your favorite bottle of wine. Here are two solutions:

*Whether it’s a whole cork or chunks, you can easily remove it from your wine by filtering it. What you need is a coffee filter or fine mesh strainer. Hold it over a container and pour to avoid spilling the wine. You will get your good wine while the cork will remain on the filter.

*In case you happen to have a funnel close by, you can use it with another clean wine bottle. Just place the funnel on top of that clean bottle and pour out the wine with the cork inside. You can also use a bowl or a measuring cup and later transfer to that bottle after rinsing and ensuring there are no cork bits left inside it.

Don’t rush and Just chill your wine:

You know what they say about serving particular wines at a specific temperature. Well, white wine is best served chilled compared to red wine, which should be served at cool room temperature. So, what should you do when it dint toss your wine in the cooler or fridge?

Just stay calm and chill out. Stop worrying about dinner being ready in the next hour. It’s good to spare 15 to 20 minutes to find a quick fix. In fact, you have three options on the table:

*If you don’t have a bucket in sight, no issue, get a damp paper towel or a dishtowel and wrap it around your bottle of wine. Put it in the freezer for about 15 to 20 minutes. The evaporation from the freezer will help your wine cool down; however, don’t leave the wine there for long since it will freeze after an hour or two.

*If you have a bucket, pour some ice in it and cover the ice with cold water. Add two handfuls of salt and put your bottle of wine there. The next thing is to set the timer for a perfectly chilled glass of wine.

*A chilled glass of wine will make you feel like you are in heaven. What spoils it and brings you back to earth is a watered-down wine courtesy of ice cubes. To get the fullness of your wine and more, you can freeze some grapes to use as ice cubes. The grapes have the quality as they won’t water down your wine, also improving your wine’s flavor. Also, frozen grapes are delicious, tasting like candy and a mini ice pop.

How to store wine bottle after it’s opened

There may be a situation where you fail to finish your wine bottle after opening. This is kind of rare though. But if it happens, you need a wine hack ready to take care of this situation and ensure that the remaining wine stays as fresh as possible. To help you with this, follow the following steps:

*To retain wines goodness, recork the bottle after every glass pour. Both red and white wines stay fresh in the fridge from 3-5 days. 

*The best way to store corked wine is on their sides instead of storing them upright. By doing so, you prevent oxidation. Also, avoid moving the bottle as vibrations can mess up the wine taste.

*For more manageable accessible portions while cooking, pour extra wine in ice cube trays and freeze them. You can also use the little frozen cubes to add to make marinara sauce. You can also use red wine in your red pasta sauce or cubed white wine in your vegetables

How to remove red wine stains

If you have party chances are that you are going to have a few spills here and there. And we all know just how stubborn red wine stain can be. This also applies to white wine and Champagne. To remove these stains, you also need to pull out another wine hack out your sleeve.

*To get rid of this stain, pour milk onto it while it is still wet and let it soak. The stain will disappear after an hour.

*Another way is to cover it with table salt right after spilling and let it absorb the stain. You may leave it for an hour or so and wash it away with water. When cleaning off the salt, add a little club soda when cleaning to help loosen the salt. Use a soft brush to brush off the salt after some time.

*For a dried up stain, use shaving cream to cover it and use hot water to wash in a washing machine.

How to Aerate a Wine without a decanter

For the thrifty wine drinker, you may end up saving money from not buying a wine aerator. This is another gadget that you may end up not using; therefore, don’t beat yourself up. To achieve the same results without an aerator, you can use a standard kitchen blender. This is another subtle gadget that does everything that a wine aerator does. 30 minutes is enough to avoid heating the wine.

How to Fix a Wine that Taste’s Gross

As a wine drinker, you may also find yourself in a situation where you open up a bottle of wine and the taste you get from it is far from what you expected. If that happens, you don’t need to dump it down the drain or suffer through the entire bottle. The best hack to do is to create a cocktail out of the remaining wine. For white wine, try topping up your glass with sparkling water to create a white wine spritzer. Add some club soda to brighten up any cheap wine, and make it a spritzer. You can also use a Champagne cocktail recipe to dress up a not so impressive bottle of sparkling wine.

Consider Wine Subscription Service

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I hope these wine hacks turn out to be helpful for the next time you pour one out. So, avoid wasting good wine, while you can apply these hacks to make it better. These Wine Hacks are well tested to total up your wine game.

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